NBA Power Rankings Based on NBA Finals Odds After First Week of Season

Giannis Antetokounmpo is leading the Bucks to another great season.
Giannis Antetokounmpo is leading the Bucks to another great season. / Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA season just kicked off last week, so many of the championship odds aren't going to change. Yet that doesn't mean there isn't a heirachy of teams in the league.

The Association is constantly changing and keeping up with who's looking the best can be difficult. Every week, I'll be providing my Power Rankings for each team in relation to their NBA title odds.

Here's how things stand after the first week of action. All odds listed are via WynnBET.

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1. Milwaukee Bucks (+800)

Minus the blowout in the second game to Miami, in which Jrue Holiday and Brook Lopez didn’t play, the Bucks have looked great in their role as defending champions this season. Giannis Antetokounmpo is playing great basketball and Milwaukee is following suit --even with a few injuries.

2. Brooklyn Nets (+250)

Brooklyn got trounced opening night and is clearly figuring out how to play without Kyrie Irving and who will be the other two players in its most optimal lineup. Kevin Durant and James Harden should find their stride soon. I’m not worried about the Nets at all.

3. Utah Jazz (+1200)

Utah looks a little different this year. Rudy Gobert is looking more and more like a credible offensive threat while Donovan Mitchell continues to showcase why he is one of the best young talents in the league. The Jazz had a scare against the Kings, but were able to grind out a win and stay perfect.

4. Golden State Warriors (+900)

Steph Curry continues to be one of the best shows in basketball. Golden State looks rejuvenated and filled with energy to start the season. Andrew Wiggins and Draymond Green are playing their roles as savvy veterans, while the younger players are finding their rhythm. The only thing left now is for Klay Thompson to return.

5. Los Angeles Lakers (+550)

Russell Westbrook has looked severely out of place, Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard fought on the bench and the Lakers got blown out against the Suns. This is just the normal order of a LeBron James-led team in this stage of his career. The Lakers don’t look great, but they should still be a favorite in the long term.

6. Chicago Bulls (+5000)

The Bulls are 4-0 and the new core looks connected and active. All the parts are clicking, but I still have a few reservations about the Bulls. They have a brutal schedule coming up. If they can get past that, I will fully believe them.

7. New York Knicks (+7500)

The Knicks’ biggest deficiency last season was their offense. Now, the offense is more dangerous and New York has more options than it’s had in a while. The loss to Orlando was bad, but the Knicks still have a lot to look forward to.

8. Denver Nuggets (+1500)

Nikola Jokic made a pass against the Spurs that I thought would only be possible in the Matrix. That’s all I needed to see from Denver. At 2-1, Jokic will keep them way above water and will keep them competitive until Jamal Murray comes back.

9. Phoenix Suns (+1400)

Phoenix gets major points for blowing out the Lakers last Friday. The Suns are 1-2 however, and don’t get a pass for that. They look like they belong somewhere in the middle of the West and will stay there until proven otherwise.

10. Charlotte Hornets (+15000)

The Hornets lost their undefeated status last night against the Celtics, but it was in overtime. LaMelo Ball has taken a leap as a scorer, and paired with Gordon Hayward, gives them serious potential for this season.

11. Atlanta Hawks (+3000)

Atlanta had a bad loss to the Cavaliers on Friday, but they still get credit for blowing out the Mavericks. Trae Young hasn’t shot well from downtown, which is slightly concerning, but should even out as the season goes on. I’ll be waiting on the run the Hawks go on.

12. Miami Heat (+2000)

The Heat followed up their trouncing of the Milwaukee Bucks with a loss to the Indiana Pacers, which will probably be the theme of the year for them. When the Heat look good, they will look good. Otherwise, expect them to be one of the weirdest teams to follow.

13. Memphis Grizzlies (+10000)

Ja Morant is on another level right now. His offensive game looks polished and his shooting has improved immensely. The Grizzlies will be as good as he is, and they look good early.

14. Boston Celtics (+4000)

Boston looks like a collection of talent, but not a fully formed team yet. Jaylen Brown has his time and Jayson Tatum has his. Until Boston can put those together, it will be on the edge of contender talk.

15. Philadelphia 76ers (+2500)

Joel Embiid is doing his best to carry the Sixers, but they have issues with or without Ben Simmons. Philadelphia can’t seem to hold a lead -- as seen against the Nets. If they can’t finish games, it’s going to be a long season.

16. Los Angeles Clippers (+2000)

Ever since Ty Lue has become the head coach of the Clippers, they’ve had a true underdog mentality and have played well in those situations. Offensively this team is limited, but Paul George will keep them in the play-in conversation.

17. Dallas Mavericks (+4000)

The game plan is simple: Give the ball to Luka and get out of the way. I don’t know how long Dallas can play this game and put all the pressure on Doncic to do everything. Also, Dallas’ offense is nowhere near as efficient as it was last season, so that also hurts it.

18. Portland Trail Blazers (+7500)

Damian Lillard has started this season off slowly. He’s shooting terribly, and the Blazers are suffering for it. He won’t shoot bad all season, but right now he has the Blazers in the dog house.

19. Indiana Pacers (+10000)

Indiana finally got in the win column after losing multiple heartbreakers. Their combination of Malcolm Brogdon and Domantas Sabonis provides “fundamental basketball.” They are better than their record, but are the epitome of average.

20. Minnesota Timberwolves (+20000)

The Timberwolves’ core has had some great moments in the first week. Anthony Edwards had one of the best troll jobs ever, D’Angelo Russell came up clutch against the Pelicans and Karl-Anthony Towns continues to dominate on offense. Minnesota looks like a fun team that will compete for a spot in the play-in.

21. Toronto Raptors (+15000)

Toronto is dealing with a lot of injuries and will likely be in the lottery again this season. Fred VanVleet and Nick Nurse will come up with a few wins here and there, but they will just be a team that used to be good that is finding its way again.

22. Sacramento Kings (+20000)

The Kings actually look much improved from last season. After beating the Blazers on opening night, the Kings had a close loss to the Utah Jazz. I’m not one for moral victories, but Sacramento takes every win possible.

23. Washington Wizards (+30000)

The Wizards seemed like they were destined for failure at the beginning of the season, but Spencer Dinwiddie and the rest of the supporting cast have shown some flashes that they can be a solid crew for Bradley Beal to play around. They aren’t great, but they aren’t as bad as what I thought preseason.

24. San Antonio Spurs (+30000)

The young talent in San Antonio will be the joy of this season. Dejounte Murray is still growing and Derrick White is right there with him. Keldon Johnson has potential to be a really good player and that is a majority of what the Spurs have to offer right now.

25. New Orleans Pelicans (+10000)

Can we just put a pause on Pelicans basketball until Zion Williamson gets back. The Pelicans’ entire identity is built around getting Willamson the ball and until he gets back, they have no identity. The Pelicans look bad and will be bad for the majority of this season.

26. Cleveland Cavaliers (+50000)

The Cavaliers don’t know what they’re doing and haven’t since LeBron left. The Cavs are a ragtag group of misfits at this point and will try to lean on “scrappiness” to wins. They did get a big win against the Hawks, though. 

27. Detroit Pistons (+50000)

Jerami Grant looks solid, but this team isn’t going to do anything this year. The Pistons have already lost to the Bulls twice and are waiting on Cade Cunningham. Their record means nothing this season because it is all about the development of Cunningham.

28. Houston Rockets (+50000)

Similar to the Pistons, the Rockets are just here to develop Jalen Green. The rookie had his first 30-point game this week and that should excite Rockets fans. This is just a season powered by vibes for the Rockets.

29. Orlando Magic (+100000)

The Magic tore their team to the studs last season. With everything they got back, Wendell Carter Jr. and Mo Bamba have looked solid in the first week. Jalen Suggs has had his struggles, but that is to be expected. The Magic just don’t have a lot of good players and that’s why they’re at the bottom.

30. Oklahoma City Thunder (+50000)

The Thunder have to be in the last spot. In my head, they are just as bad as the Orlando Magic, but the Magic got a win against the Knicks this weekend so they get to be a spot above.