Let's Set Odds: Does LeBron James Eventually Return to Cleveland?

Team LeBron forward LeBron James.
Team LeBron forward LeBron James. / David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

When it comes to being cryptic and making people wonder about what is going to happen, there is nobody better than LeBron James. 

James had a lot of comments over All-Star Weekend that suggested he would be interested in rejoining the Cleveland Cavaliers. James also said that he would love to play with his son and would go anywhere in order to do that. 

We’ve already seen LeBron go back to Cleveland once. What are the odds he does it again? 

Let’s set the odds.

Odds LeBron James Goes Back To Cleveland

  • Yes: +350
  • No: -150

LeBron Does NOT Return

While the narrative would be nice, I don’t see the Cavaliers doing this. Cleveland is in fourth place in the Eastern conference and could be one of the surprise teams in the playoffs. By the time James would be ready to go there, Cleveland would already have a solid core and could be one of the best teams in the league. To get James –especially at his price – they would have to gut the team and make room for him and his son. 

Obviously it’s always good to have James on your team, but the LeBron they would get in two years wouldn’t be the one that can carry a franchise through anything. The Cavs need to be careful what they wish for. 

LeBron Returns

It’s LeBron James, any team would want one of the two greatest players ever on their team. We see that even in year 19, James is still a great player. 

Unless the Cavaliers turn into championship contenders within the next 18 months, James can help their team. Also, who wouldn’t want to see father and son on the same court? It would be a beautiful story. 

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