Let's Set Odds: Where Will Carson Wentz Play in 2022?

The Colts are apparently done with Carson Wentz.
The Colts are apparently done with Carson Wentz. / Mykal McEldowney/IndyStar / USA TODAY

It didn't take long for the Indianapolis Colts to sour on the Carson Wentz experience. One season punctuated with a crummy finish was all it apparently took for them to decide it's time to move on from a player they just traded away a first-and third-round pick for.

Despite the turbulence Wentz seems to bring wherever he lands, there will be suitors for his services. There just aren't that many starting-level quarterbacks out there, and despite all of his issues, Wentz remains one of the 32 best pigskin slingers in the world.

So where will he end up next? Here are the odds I'm setting based on need.

Odds for Carson Wents'z Next Team

Pittsburgh Steelers +250

The Steelers desperately need a competent starting quarterback and likely will not find a better one in the draft or free agency than Wentz. The trade market is also not an option for a Steelers team that made the playoffs in 2021 despite Ben Roethlisberger's struggles under center.

Mason Rudolph clearly isn't their long-term starter and neither is Dwayne Haskins. No, they need to trade for a new starting quarterback and Wentz gives them a decent return on what one can only imagine would be a low asking price.

Washington Commanders +325

Washington has been in search of a new quarterback since Kirk Cousins left in free agency. The Commanders tried the draft and free agency to fill that hole. Why not make a trade next?

Washington needs a stopgap quarterback. Wentz is the perfect stopgap. If he works out, he gives you 4-6 years of quality quarterback play. If he doesn't, you cut bait at a low price. I could absolutely see the Commanders trading for Wentz as a short-term upgrade for a team that was in the playoffs in 2020.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +500

What a letdown Bucs fans are about to experience if this comes to fruition. From Tom Brady to Wentz? Not many people would sign up for that. Still, they don't have many better options and for a team that still has the pieces needed to contend, and a coach who is only in this to win, Wentz could be a good option for them.

Denver Broncos +525

The Broncos want to acquire Aaron Rodgers via trade. He might not be available. If that's the case, what other options are out there for an upgrade? The pickings are slim. The Broncos have a great running back and a solid offensive line, two things Wentz needs to be most effective. He didn't turn the ball over much last season, an area the Broncos need from their quarterback. It's not a perfect fit, but Denver might not have many better options.

Cleveland Browns +700

But wait, doesn't Baker Mayfield play here? Yeah, sure, but there's seemingly a lot of animosity between him and the organization and the best thing for both sides might be a parting of ways.

If that happens, Wentz slots in nicely as a play-action pass specialist who's not asked to do much with the Browns run-heavy approach. I'm not sure Indy would want to help Cleveland via trade, but I do think this is a good fit for both sides if the Browns think Mayfield isn't worth a long-term investment.