Let's Set Odds: Will Tiger Woods Win Another Major?

Iain MacMillan
Tiger Woods took to social media to let people know that he's making progress in his return to golf.
Tiger Woods took to social media to let people know that he's making progress in his return to golf. / Michael Madrid-USA TODAY Sports

All it took was a simple, three-second video to be posted to Twitter for the golf world to explode.

Tiger Woods took to social media to send out a video with a simple caption: "Making Progress".

Woods is still recovering from a severe car crash that he was involved in on February 23rd of this year. He suffered broken bones in both of his legs including compound fractures. Officials and first responders noted that he was lucky to survive the crash.

Woods for the second time in his career, is trying to defy all odds to return to golf and win another tournament.

Can he achieve it? It's hard to doubt him after winning the 2019 Masters tournament which turned out to be one of the greatest stories in the world of sports over the past two decades.

Sportsbooks don't have odds for whether or not he'll win again, so I decided to set my own.

Will Tiger Woods Win Another PGA Tour Event?

  • Yes +500
  • No -750

If Tiger Woods can return to full health, I think he has a decent shot of winning another event. He'll likely focus on the major tournaments, but he'll need to compete in non-majors in order to return to form.

Everyone remembers Tigers return to golf when he won the Masters Tournament, but he also won the Tour Championship before that, and he won the Zozo Championship in October of the same year he won his 15th Major. If I could bet on these odds, I'd take the YES at +500.

Will Tiger Woods Win Another Major?

  • Yes +1700
  • No -5000

Tiger Woods fans will be mad at me for this.

Listen, I would love to see Tiger win another Major tournament. But before he got in his major car accident, let's remember that he was hobbling from event to event to begin with from general wear and tear from his career.

Then again, I was one of the people saying he wouldn't win another won before he achieved the feat in 2019, so what do I know? Also, if Phil Mickelson can win the PGA Championship at 52, why can't Tiger?

WynnBET has odds to win next year's Open Championship, and they have Tiger's odds set at +3300.