Text Bets: Ryder Cup Odds, Picks and Predictions

Jordan Spieth (left) and Justin Thomas are among the top players for the US team at the Ryder Cup.
Jordan Spieth (left) and Justin Thomas are among the top players for the US team at the Ryder Cup. / Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

You could go anywhere for a Ryder Cup betting preview, but you came here and we aim to deliver something different -- and something that delivers a few bucks in your betting account. So instead of the same old-same old, me and my buddy (not this week, really) Iain MacMillan decided to text our picks and talk some smack along the way. Here's the finished product, which isn't very buttoned-up but was still fun to do.

Who are you backing here? Team USA or Team Europe?

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To recap, Iain is Canadian but of Scottish descent. I am an American of New Jersey descent. Battle lines have been drawn and we won't cross them until Monday. Here are the bets are as follows with all odds available at WynnBET Sportsbook.

My bets are Justin Thomas +900 to be the leading point scorer and USA to win 15-13 +900. I'm also going to bet the U.S. to lift the cup with -185 odds.

Iain's bets are Jon Rahm to be the top point scorer at +650 odds and Europe to win 15.5-12.5 +1200. He's also making a big bet on Europe to lift the cup at +150 odds.

We also have a six-pack on the line for who wins. I got USA, he's got Europe. I get domestic beer if I win and he gets import if he wins because the US is favored. Heineken is overrated euro trash.


  • Justin Thomas Top Point Scorer: +900
  • USA wins 15-13: +900
  • U.S wins outright: -185


  • Jon Rahm Top Point Scorer: +650
  • Europe wins 15.5-12.5: +1200
  • Europe wins outright: +150

There you have it. Our bets. Our text chain. Who do you think is right?

You can make your pick at WynnBET using the odds above. Or if you want to bet a six-pack on it, email me: brian.g@minutemedia.com.

Just no Heineken, please...