Super Bowl 2022 Prop Bet Guide

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Ja'Marr Chase (1) dances with Cincinnati Bengals running back Joe
Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Ja'Marr Chase (1) dances with Cincinnati Bengals running back Joe / Albert Cesare/The Enquirer / USA TODAY

Interested in betting on the Super Bowl this year? There are a host of ways to bet the game, not just the side and total. You can check out plenty of preview content on the game, including the side and total, with our Super Bowl hub here, but this is going to explain the Super Bowl prop market, which has an expanded menu for the big game.

The Rams are 4 point favorites at WynnBET Sportsbook with a total of 48.5, but many bettors find the best edges betting props given the volume of bets in the market. Let's check in what's available at WynnBET and some strategic decisions ahead of the game.

What Types of Prop Bets are Available During the Super Bowl?

With the Super Bowl comes an expanded menu of bets on nearly every player in the prop market as well as game props for special teams plays such as field goals.

You can bet on nearly every type of play. Look at the quarterback props for example, WynnBET allows you to bet on pass attempts, completions, passing yards, passing touchdowns and longest completion in addition to their rushing yards prop.

The same goes for the skill position players as WynnBET has props for two running backs on each side and a total of 10 players reception props.

If you want to bet on something on the Super Bowl, you can likely find it on the player prop page.

When Are the Best Times to Bet Super Bowl Prop Bets?

We mentioned this on our Monday edition of Bet & Breakfast, but the best time to bet overs on player props is early in the week. As we draw closer to the game more public bettors join the market and are more inclined to bet overs. It makes sense, the Super Bowl is the most bet sporting event of the year and new fans want to bet on things to happen not things to not happen.

If you like Ja'Marr Chase's over receiving yards for example, it is more likely that the betting public is going to want to root for Chase to clear his total and begin to bet on it, driving the price up. Sportsbooks are looking to keep even action on both sides of the bet and limit their exposure so as the bets tilt to one side, they push it up.

Public bettors are typically late to the betting party, so as the week goes on, more over action comes in. If you want to bet on an under, make sure you track the line movement of the props you are eyeing and I'd advise waiting until right before kickoff to come in as the rush of public money will have likely sent the number higher.

Super Bowl 2022 Best Prop Bet

Check out below for one of my favorite prpo bets ahead of the Super Bowl. As I discussed above, under bets are typically better late in the week, but I see this as the time to pounce as I already lost two yards on this prop that was originally at 63.5. Maybe there's buyback on the over, but I do like this number down to 60.5 and wanted to lock it in now. All situations are unique.

Best of luck betting the big game everybody!

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