Taylor Swift-Travis Kelce Engagement Odds (Super Bowl Prop Bet)

Odds have been posted on whether or not Travis Kelce will propose to Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl

Chiefs fans wave Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce cutouts at Arrowhead Stadium.
Chiefs fans wave Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce cutouts at Arrowhead Stadium. / Sam Greene / USA TODAY NETWORK

Whether you like it or not, Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift are one of the leading headlines and stories ahead of Super Bowl 58.

Of course, we gamblers are going to find some way to bet on it. One of the crazy things related to their relationship that we can bet on (if you're in Canada), is whether or not the Chiefs tight end is going to propose to the pop star after the game.

FanDuel Canada has posted odds on that exact situation happening:

Travis Kelce Taylor Swift Proposal odds

FanDuel Canada originally posted the "Yes" option at +190 odds and the "No" at -250. The "No" side was immediately bet on heavily and just 30 minutes later, "no" moved to -3500.

At the current odds, there is an 8.2% chance of him proposing to Swift on the field after the game. That means there is a 97.22% chance of him not proposing. Yes, those two numbers add up to 105.42%, but the added 5.42% chance makes up for the "vig" or "juice" and it's how sportsbooks make money.

The fact the two haven't been dating for an entire year yet is likely a big part of why "no" is favored by such an amount. We also have to consider whether or not Swift would even want to be proposed to in such a public and massively viewed setting.

Finally, the Chiefs would have to win this game for this to be possible. There's no chance Kelce would pop the question after suffering a heartbreaking loss to the 49ers.

This specific prop is only available at FanDuel Canada, but even if you can't bet it where you live, FanDuel still offers plenty of fun prop bets on the big game.

Another way you can bet on Taylor Swift, is whether or not the Super Bowl MVP will mention her in their postgame press conference.

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Odds refresh periodically and are subject to change.