Tennessee Titans Are the Most Fraudulent Team in the NFL

Mike Vrabel has led the Titans to the best record in the AFC at 8-2.
Mike Vrabel has led the Titans to the best record in the AFC at 8-2. / Steve Roberts-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans are frauds.

People are big mad at me for tweeting on Wednesday that the Titans are a fraudulent team, so I figured I'd take the time to further explain my point. To be fair, 280 characters isn't enough to fully defend my point of view.

Why Are the Tennessee Titans Frauds?

There's two ways that you can evaluate a football team. You can evaluate them based on their record, or you can evaluate them based on their statistics. If you choose to completely ignore statistics as a metric that a team should be measured by, then yes, the Titans are a fantastic football team.

The Titans sit at 8-2 and are the No. 1 team in the AFC. I don't want to take away those wins, they deserve them. They find ways to win games, and that's admirable.

BUT, they don't rank in the top 10 in almost every significant statistic, which tells me that they aren't as good of a football team as their record might indicate. When a team's record does not match where they rank in several key statistics, then in my opinion, that means their record is fraudulent.

Titans Rankings in Key Statistics:

  • Offensive yards per play: 23rd
  • Defensive yards per play: 23rd
  • Yards per carry: 18th
  • Yards per pass attempt: 13th
  • 3rd down offense: 11th
  • Red zone offense: 11th
  • 3rd down defense: 13th
  • Red zone defense: 12th
  • Turnovers per game: 14th
  • Takeaways per game: 12th
  • Opponent points per game: 15th
  • Penalties per game: 19th

Now, if I were to show you the above statistics without telling you what team it is or any other information, would you guess that the team is 8-2 and in first place in their conference?

No, you would not. And if you say that you would, you're lying.

With that being said, they're finding ways to win games and I'm not taking that away from them. That's why sports are entertaining, the better team doesn't always win. If your counter argument to my point is that they're 8-2 then you're completely missing what I'm trying to say.

Some times, teams have a better record than they deserve, other times teams have a worse record than what they deserve. If the better team always won, nobody would watch sports.

Last year's Pittsburgh Steelers team is a perfect example of what I'm trying to illustrate. They were 11-0 and the last undefeated team in the NFL. Did that mean that they were a fantastic football team? Absolutely not. Their statistics weren't promising and they went on to lose five of their last six games including a quick exit in the postseason.

The Titans' 8-2 record is the most fraudulent in the NFL, and I will start betting against them until their record regresses to where it deserves to be.

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