These Are the Most Profitable NHL Teams to Bet On

The Anaheim Ducks are one of the most profitable teams in the NHL so far this season.
The Anaheim Ducks are one of the most profitable teams in the NHL so far this season. / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Betting on the NHL is slightly different compared to the most popular sports to bet on, basketball and football. It more closely resembles betting on baseball, in the fact that most bets are moneyline wagers. Sure there's a 1.5-point spread in every game, or better known as the "puck line", but the large majority of bets will be placed on the moneyline.

With that being said, looking at teams "against the spread" records are pretty meaningless, unless you want to find out how well they do on the puck line. Instead, the true measure of how good of a bet a certain NHL team is, is to look at their moneyline profit numbers.

Here are the 10 most profitable and 10 least profitable NHL teams to bet on this season, as of November 1st. All figures are calculated as if someone had bet $100 on their moneyline in every game they've played in this season.

Top 10 Most Profitable NHL Teams

  1. Carolina Hurricanes (12-2) +$647
  2. Anaheim Ducks (10-4-3) +$428
  3. Columbus Blue Jackets (8-5) +$395
  4. San Jose Sharks (8-6-1) +$379
  5. Philadelphia Flyers (8-4-2) +$326
  6. Edmonton Oilers (11-4) +$322
  7. Nashville Predators (9-6-1) +$281
  8. New York Rangers (10-3-3) +$256
  9. Los Angeles Kings (8-5-2) +$245
  10. Florida Panthers (11-2-3) +$230

10 Least Profitable NHL Teams

  1. Montreal Canadiens (4-12-2) -$1,042
  2. Arizona Coyotes (2-13-1) -$970
  3. Chicago Blackhawks (4-9-2) -$773
  4. Seattle Kraken (4-10-1) -$772
  5. Vancouver Canucks (5-9-2) -$540
  6. Ottawa Senators (4-10-1) -$525
  7. New York Islanders (5-6-2) -$417
  8. Pittsburgh Penguins (5-6-4) -$359
  9. Dallas Stars (6-6-2) -$268
  10. Colorado Avalanche (6-5-1) -$207

Records Don't Always Indicate Value

These lists are a perfect example of why sports betting isn't as easy as betting on good teams and betting against bad teams. The Columbus Blue Jackets, who only have three more wins than losses this season at 8-5, are the third most profitable team. When you're listed as a sizable underdog in almost every game, you don't need to have one of the best records in the NHL to be a fantastic value bet.

On the other side of things, the Colorado Avalanche, who are the current Stanley Cup favorites, would have lost a $100 bettor $207 despite being 6-5-1.

We'll keep an eye on these numbers as the season progresses.

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