Trey Lance Stock Rising

Trey Lance running.
Trey Lance running. / Sam Wasson/Getty Images

The Trey Lance hype has reached peak amplitude this morning. The FCS quarterback no FBS coach offered a scholarship is set to display his talents today in front of several NFL coaches all too eager to hand him the keys to their castle and tens of millions of dollars.

Just as his value has risen in the eyes of talent evaluators, so too is his NFL Draft stock rising at a rapid pace in anticipation of his pro day. Mac Jones was the presumptive No. 3 pick by the 49ers as recently as two minutes ago, but perhaps there's reason to believe Lance is actually the man the 49ers are targeting after trading up to the third overall pick.

Here's more from noted NFL insider Dan Graziano on the 49ers interest in fully evaluating Lance.

This isn't unusual. Teams want to see certain throws and certain movements from a quarterback at these pro days. That allows them to evaluate one quarterback against another doing the same drill. Whose mechanics are better? Whose throwing motion is more compact? These questions can be answered through drills like these.

WynnBET currently has Lance's over/under draft position pegged at 6.5, with -120 odds on either side of the bet. That means they believe it's a 50-50 chance Lance is drafted on or before the sixth overall pick.

Justin Fields, meanwhile, has an over/under of 4.5, with the under a heavy favorite at -250. That means Fields is expected to be drafted by the fourth overall pick. Jones, the aforementioned front runner to be picked by the 49ers, is not listed.

So basically Vegas believes Fields will be drafted before Lance and Lance has a 50-50 shot of being selected in the first six picks based on these NFL prop bets. If you buy into the hype on Lance and the 49ers, though, you gotta like that 6.5 number.

It's an interesting conversation to be sure and one we're still over a week away from getting an answer to. But as the draft rumors continue to flow, keep an eye on the odds. They'll tell you a lot about what's going to happen in the draft.