Warriors Now Among Top Contenders in Latest NBA Championship Odds

The Golden State Warriors are 5-1 to start the season and have seen their odds shorten to win the NBA FInals.
The Golden State Warriors are 5-1 to start the season and have seen their odds shorten to win the NBA FInals. / Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA season is just getting started but many sports bettors are already looking towards the NBA Finals. Futures betting is something that has become very popular and allows for a bet to last the entire season. Thus, extending the excitement of your wager. 

As one can expect, during the season some teams get better and some get worse. Some exceed expectations and some fail to live up to their own hype. Because of this, the odds for the winner of the NBA title are always in a state of flux. 

Heading into the season, the favorites to win it all were the Los Angeles Lakers and Brooklyn Nets at +300. Rounding out the top five were the Bucks +900, Warriors +1000, and Suns at +1400.  Now that we are a few weeks into the season, these numbers have seen a notable shift after some teams have underperformed and others have risen to the challenge. 

Here are the teams with the five best odds to win the NBA Championship this season, courtesy of WynnBET Sportsbook.

NBA Championship Odds

  • Brooklyn Nets +250
  • Los Angeles Lakers +550
  • Golden State Warriors +800
  • Milwaukee Bucks +800
  • Utah Jazz +1000

The first thing you might notice about this list is the inclusion of the Jazz in place of the Suns. One thing that might not be as obvious is that the Warriors have played their way into the third spot on this list after opening fourth. Their odds have shortened from +1000 to +800. Some have called this movement an overreaction for a team that was great in recent memory, but they might just be “good.”  

One knock on the Warriors chances to win it all is the injuries to Klay Thomson and James Wiseman. While the team can get to the postseason without them, things change when it comes to making a playoff run. They will absolutely need Thomson, and to a lesser extent Wiseman, if they have a chance to run the table. 

Additionally, I have some worries about Steph Curry and his late-game play. While he still leads the team and league in scoring, his late-game performances have been questionable of late. He went on a three-game streak of not scoring a single point in the fourth quarter. While this could happen for a number of reasons, the fact is that the Warriors will need their best player for all four quarters to win a title. This is more of an eye-raising stat than a real negative, especially considering the Warriors went 2-1 in those three games. But, it’s something to keep an eye on if you are a future bettor. 

Despite all of this, I do think the Warriors are a contender this year. Even with Durant long gone, this team is dangerous and, if they get healthy, could certainly make a run at it all. 

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