When Was the Last Time the Colorado Avalanche Won the Stanley Cup?

2016 Coors Light Stadium Series - Alumni Game
2016 Coors Light Stadium Series - Alumni Game / Doug Pensinger/GettyImages

The Colorado Avalanche as we know them have been around since the NHL’s 1995 season. But, the franchise actually started as the Quebec Nordiques in the early 1970s as part of the WHA. After joining the NHL in 1979, they were so bad that Quebec became the first team in history to earn three straight No. 1 picks in the NHL Draft.

A move to the Mile High City and a rebranding helped, and the Avs are now one of the most feared teams in the league. 

When was the Colorado Avalanche's Last Stanley Cup Win? 

When the Avalanche were still the Nordiques, the farthest they went in the playoffs was the conference finals in 1985. But, after they moved to Colorado, things took a turn for the better. A lot better.

In fact, The Colorado Avalanche won the Stanley Cup in the first season in the league. They swept the Florida Panthers in four games to become unlikely winners in their first season. While technically not an expansion team, they are one of the only “new” teams in professional sports to win a title in their first season.

But, the Avs weren’t done. They emerged victorious from the 2001 Stanley Cup Finals as well in what would be their last trip to the big show.

Since then, the closest Colorado got to another final was losing in the conference finals in 2002.

Colorado Avalanche Odds to Win the 2022 Stanley Cup Finals

While it’s been a while since the Avalanche won the Western Conference, the odds suggest 2022 could be their year. The Avs matched their point total for the 1995-96 season after finishing the year with 104 and are one of the betting favorites to win it all. At WynnBET Sportsbook, the Avalanche have the best odds to be this year’s Stanley Cup Champions at +325.

They also lead the Western Conference odds at +130. Furthermore, the Avalanche is the biggest favorite in the first round at -650 to beat the Nashville Predators. It’s exciting to think we could see another Avalanche vs. Panthers Stanley Cup if the favorites come through over the next few rounds of play.