When Was the Last Time Mattress Mack Won a Bet?

Mattress Mack has had a less than stellar betting record the past few years.
Mattress Mack has had a less than stellar betting record the past few years. / Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Jim McIngvale, aka Matress Mack, has become a household name amongst sports fans and bettors.

The 71-year old has made numerous big-money bets, usually as a way to hedge against mattress promotions that he runs from his furniture store called "Gallery Furniture."

He made a name for himself in 2019 when he bet an eventual total of $13 million for the Houston Astros to win the World Series. They would go on to lose in Game 7 to the Washington Nationals, but he continues to make these large wagers.

I would strongly recommend not tailing his picks. He currently holds a record of 1-13 with his large, public wagers dating back to his World Series bet on the Astros. Let's break each one down.

Mattress Mack's Betting History

  • 2019 World Series - Astros - $13 million - LOST
  • 2020 NFL Playoffs - Texas vs. Chiefs - $1 million - LOST
  • 2020 NFL Playoffs - Titans vs. Chiefs - $1 million - LOST
  • Super Bowl LIV - 49ers vs. Chiefs - $1 million - LOST
  • 2020 World Series - Astros - $10,000 - LOST
  • Super Bowl LV - Buccaneers (spread) - $3,460,000 - WON
  • 2021 March Madness - Houston - $1,000,000 - LOST
  • 2021 Kentucky Derby - Essential Quality - $4,000,000 - LOST
  • 2022 CFB Playoff - Alabama - $6,200,000 - LOST
  • Super Bowl LVI - Titans - $700,000 - LOST
  • Super Bowl LVI - Patriots - $2,000,000 - LOST
  • Super Bowl LVI - Bengals - $9,500,000 - LOST
  • 2022 Kentucky Derby - Epicenter - $2,600,000 - LOST

That means, as of writing this article, Mattress Mack's betting record is:

  • 1-13 (-$38,550,000)

If you think that's going to stop him from continuing to place ridiculously large wagers, you'd be mistaken. He's back on his Astros again in 2022.

Mattress Mack 2022 Astros Bet

He has placed combined bets of $10 million for the Astros to win the 2022 World Series.

If he wins, he'll profit around $72 million, which will be mean he'll completely flip his record of being down $38 million, to being up almost just as much. Even typing out those numbers just feels completely insane.

The latest odds at WynnBET Sportsbook has the Astros at +400 to win this year's World Series.

You can track Iain's bets on Betstamp here.