Why You Need To Bet The Raptors To Win the NBA Finals

The Raptors' swarming defense makes them a fantastic value to win the NBA Finals
The Raptors' swarming defense makes them a fantastic value to win the NBA Finals / Mark Blinch/GettyImages

Every once in a while, a value so great smacks you in the face and makes you stop everything you're doing. Wait...these odds can't be right, can they? I need to empty the savings account right now!

I had one of those moments this morning as I realized the Toronto Raptors are easily the best bet ahead of the NBA Playoffs.

Listed at +7500 to win the NBA Finals at WynnBET Sportsbook, Toronto is being needlessly disrespected by oddsmakers and I won't stand for it. But, I certainly intend to profit from it.

The Raptors will take on Philadelphia in the first round beginning Saturday, April 16th. Before it's too late, here's why you need to bet Toronto win the NBA Finals immediately.

Why The Raptors Are the Best NBA Finals Bet

There's a few indicators I look for in predicting an NBA champion. I want an excellent defense, a strong offense, a truly elite player, and a good coach.

Toronto checks every box. It took some time for their roster to gel, but over the final quarter of the season, the Raptors had the fifth-best net rating in the league thanks to the absolute best defense.

They're incredibly versatile defensively, with Fred VanVleet being the only rotation player that isn't between 6'6" and 6'9" tall. That versatility allows them to switch defensive assignments constantly and confuse offenses. It's no surprise they lead the NBA in opponent turnover percentage.

Offensively, they're not as dominant. But we don't need them to be dominant, just good. Midway through the year, Pascal Siakam took a massive leap forward and transformed the Raptors' offense. Over his final 20 games, Siakam averaged 27 points, 8.8 rebounds, and 5.6 assists on 52.4% shooting.

Then there's Nick Nurse, one of the very best coaches in the sport. He burst onto the scene by leading Toronto to a championship in 2019 and has every opportunity to win a second. Nurse is significantly better than Doc Rivers, and I expect the coaching advantage to give the Raptors a win over the 76ers in their opening series.

Finally, the elephant in the room gives Toronto perhaps the most unique homecourt advantage throughout the playoffs. Since their home games are in Canada, no unvaccinated player will be able to play in Toronto. BetSided's Reed Wallach gets into it further here, but at a minimum this means Kyrie Irving of the Nets won't play in those games.

With an elite defense, immerging offense led by a rising superstar, stellar coach and unique homecourt advantage, it's absolutely insane the Raptors are +7500 to win the NBA Finals.

I'd hurry over to WynnBET and get your bet placed now. At a minimum, we should be able to hedge in the Eastern Conference Finals, but I have a feeling we may see another magical run out of Toronto.

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