3 Trades the Hornets Should Make to Fix the Team This Offseason

Charlotte Hornets guar LaMelo Ball.
Charlotte Hornets guar LaMelo Ball. / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages

For the second straight year in a row, the Charlotte Hornets embarrassed themselves during the No. 9/No. 10 play-in game, losing by 29 points to the Atlanta Hawks. Even with an improved record and an All-Star in LaMelo Ball, the Hornets’ ending position was the same as last season. 

Something clearly needs to change and there are a few moves Charlotte can try and pull off to become a true contender in a jam-packed East.

Here are three trades the Hornets can make this offseason to fix themselves. 

Hornets Trade For Rudy Gobert

We all know the Hornets can’t play defense and Rudy Gobert, while vulnerable to a certain style of offense, would instantly fix that. Gobert is one of the elite rim protectors of all-time and can elevate the Hornets to a near top 10 defense.

The Utah Jazz haven’t had great defenders for years and Gobert has kept them as a top defense. He might be available if the Jazz flame out, so he should be target No. 1.

Hornets Trade For Myles Turner

If Charlotte can’t get Gobert, Myles Turner needs to be the next one on the list. He’s obviously not as good as Gobert, but he will add a level of rim protection and defense they don’t have right now. Turner might be easier to get since the Pacers were already looking to clean house earlier this year.

Turner consistently averages over two blocks a game and is also a good enough shooter to provide spacing on offense. He might be great value Gobert, but he would do wonders for Charlotte.

Hornets Trade For Russell Westbrook

Obviously, bringing in Westbrook is high risk, high reward. However, the Hornets just need a little bit extra of everything. Westbrook can help rebound, can be a second ball-handler and would be a good veteran presence on a young squad. 

Things didn’t work out with Westbrook in Los Angeles, but it could have upside in Charlotte. At the very least, the Hornets could get a first-round draft pick and an expiring contract.

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