Ravens vs. Chargers vs. Raiders vs. Dolphins: Who Gets Last Wild AFC Card Spot?

Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert.
Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert. / Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

We only have two weeks left in the NFL regular season and the last wild card is still very much up for grabs. There are three teams tied at 8-7, with the Miami Dolphins (7-7) playing the New Orleans Saints on Monday night. 

There’s a lot of ways this season could end up, but here are the top four candidates for the last spot in the AFC wild card

Baltimore Ravens (8-7, Current No.7)

The Ravens currently occupy the No. 7 seed, but their case is hanging on by a thread. Lamar Jackson’s ankle is still in question, they haven’t won a game in a month and the defense still has missing pieces due to injury. Their last two games are against the Los Angeles Rams and Pittsburgh Steelers.

I’m expecting for one of these two teams to go 2-0 in the last two games and steal this spot. I don’t see the Ravens having enough firepower to keep up in a shootout with the Rams, so I’ll have to pass on them securing the final spot. 

Los Angeles Chargers (8-7, Current No. 8)

If the Chargers look back on this season, Week 16 against the Houston Texans will be one of the games they shake their head at.

Los Angeles was a 10-point favorite against one of the league’s worst teams and they got 41 points put on their head. Now at 8-7 and two divisional games left, the Chargers need help to get in. I think they have the best chance to get in thanks to their 12th-easiest schedule. Out of the four teams here, Los Angeles has the best offense and is averaging over 30 points per game over the last three weeks. I would buy Chargers stock right now.

Las Vegas Raiders (8-7, Current No. 9)

The Raiders have done a great job of pulling themselves together and getting back into the playoff picture. However, I can’t fully jump on board with them because of their lack of explosiveness. Las Vegas hasn’t scored over 20 points in a month and still has the Indianapolis Colts and Chargers to play.

Unless the Raiders can flip a switch and get back to scoring 30 points, I can’t see them keeping up with Jonathan Taylor this week or the Chargers in Week 18.

Miami Dolphins (7-7, Current No. 10)

The Dolphins have three games left and are still in the hunt. If they lose against the Saints, their season is over. Even if they win, I still would give them the longest odds to make the playoffs.

The Dolphins have the ninth-hardest schedule in the league, with the Tennessee Titans and New England Patriots left on their docket. Miami is near the bottom third of the league in points per game and hasn’t beaten a team above .500 since they beat Baltimore in November. Miami controls its own destiny, but it may not be in the cards for the Fins.

Pick: Chargers finish 10-7 and No. 7 seed