U.S. Open Weather Forecast (How will Brookline Weather Impact Conditions and Who to Bet?)

US Open will see increased wind as the day goes on during Round 1.
US Open will see increased wind as the day goes on during Round 1. / Rob Carr/GettyImages

Golf, being the outside sport that it is, is obviously effected by the weather.

But, what you might not know, is that it can actually give some golfers an advantage or disadvantage. For example, at this year's PGA Championship, the weather conditions were more favorable in the morning on Thursday and in the afternoon on Friday, so the golfers who teed off early in Round 1 and then late in Round 2 had a massive advantage on the competition.

So, how is the weather going to affect this week's U.S. Open? Let's take a look.

U.S. Open Round 1 Weather Forecast

Generally, it's looking like it's going to be good weather through the first couple of days of the U.S. Open.

But, if you take a closer look, golfers who tee-off in the morning group on Thursday morning, could have a slight advantage.

According to Weather.gov, the wind on Thursday will be around 6-8 mph during the morning, but will hover around 10-15 mph when the second group of golfers will be competing in the afternoon.

Wind is certainly not a golfers friend, and with it picking up as the day goes on, that's going to make an already tough course, that much more difficult.

Keep this in mind before placing your first round leader bets. Targeting a golfer who tees off in the morning, is likely going to be the smart move.

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