Mike Evans vs. Chris Godwin vs. Antonio Brown: Who Will Have More Receiving Yards in Week 1?

Antonio Brown is still a problem for defenses.
Antonio Brown is still a problem for defenses. / Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

I don’t think there’s a better trio of receivers in the NFL than the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ trio of Mike Evans, Chris Godwin and Antonio Brown. Either one of them could go off and dominate the game at any moment, making predicting who’s going to lead the team in receiving seem like a crap shoot from week to week.

The Buccaneers start the season against the Dallas Cowboys, and Dallas’ poor defense makes it even tougher to predict who’s going to have the standout game. 

Currently, WynnBET is projecting Antonio Brown to have the most receptions (5.0), and Chris Godwin to lead the team in receiving yards (59.5). Although it may seem off, I’m going with Antonio Brown to lead the team in both. 

Brown and Tom Brady have this unexplainable chemistry. Brown only played one game with Brady in New England, yet Brady was instrumental in bringing Brown to Tampa Bay. Along with the intangibles, Brady also just likes throwing the ball to Brown. 

Brown led the team in targets per game last season with 7.75. He’s going to play in the slot while Godwin and Evans are on the outside and should feast. While the coverage is going to be shaded towards Evans and Godwin, and even trying to contain Rob Gronkowski from having a signature game, Brown will get all the short targets that Brady loves. 

It’s been a while since Brown has been the best receiver in the league, but he doesn’t have to be that come Thursday. The only thing he needs to do is be ready, because the ball is going to come his way, and it’s on him to make plays after that. 

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