Joe Flacco Contract: Ravens Set to Pay Super Bowl MVP $120.6 Million

Details are beginning to emerge regarding Joe Flacco’s contract with the Baltimore Ravens. Late Friday afternoon Jay Glazer broke the news that Joe Flacco and the Baltimore Ravens had agreed to a long-term deal that would keep the Super Bowl MVP in Baltimore for the forseeable future, however the exact details of that contract weren’t immediatley known.

Even though we didn’t know the details of the contract, the speculation was that it was going to be massive — and massive it was.

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Adam Schefter reported late Friday night that Flacco’s deal would be over the span of six seasons and pay him in excess of $120 million over that period. Which is interesting in more than one way. First off, $120.6 million is more than any quarterback has ever been paid in the history of the game. Secondly, as Andrew Brandt pointed out, the maximum proration for bonuses is five years, which means the exact details of the contract should be interesting to see.


Flacco’s agent Joe Linta stated neither he nor Flacco have seen the contract but admits that an agreement has been made in principle.

“While I was in flight earlier today, the Ravens verbally agreed to all of our terms,” Linta said in a statement issued to Adam Caplan.  “However, Joe and I have not received the contract back to review.  Once we get the contract and review it (assuming there are no issues), Joe will sign it.”

Linta’s last minute drama aside, Flacco’s deal will make him the highest paid quarterback in NFL history as his contract is slightly more than Drew Brees record deal last season.

We still have some questions about the deal, like how much of the $120.6 million is guaranteed and how big Flacco’s signing bonus is. But one thing is certain: with great money comes great responsibility and if Flacco thought the heat was on him before today, after he signs his contract the expectations only go further through the roof than they already were.

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