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Meet The Team

Andrew Bernucca

Andrew Bernucca has covered professional basketball overseas for the better part of six years. He has written scouting reports, profile pieces, news briefs, and more. He also writes about the NBA, enjoys traveling, European football, and HBO dramas.


Alicia de Artola

Alicia de Artola is an associate editor for FanSided.com and co-host of the Reign of Troy Radio podcast. She's been an avid Trojan fan since Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart thrilled at the Coliseum, eventually attending USC to study Journalism and Classics. After years of message board activity, she started writing about the Trojans for ReignOfTroy.com in 2012. Since then she has covered practices, taken photos on the sidelines, interviewed Trojan legends and podcasted for a decade about all things USC. Now she covers all sports from college football to the NFL, MLB, NBA, soccer and Formula 1 for FanSided.com.


Audrey Toscano

Audrey Toscano is a Contributing Writer at FanSided.com, specializing in comprehensive coverage of Major League Baseball. She brings fans the latest news, insights, and analysis straight from the diamond.

Adam Weinrib

Adam Weinrib is a Content Director on the FanSided network, and has been the co-editor at Yanks Go Yard and Dodgers Way for nearly 3 years. He also hosts the sports/comedy podcast SportFire on the FanSided Podcast Network, and co-captains the Yanks Go Yard Podcast. Previously, he was a Senior Editor at 12up.com, and has been covering MLB and NFL for six years. Previously, he was a headline and features contributor at ClickHole and Onion Sports, as well as the Associate Producer of the ESPN 30 for 30 film "Believeland". An avowed fan of the New York sports teams -- specifically the Yankees -- as well as the North Carolina Tar Heels, you can find Adam complaining mid-game on Twitter, as well as on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn if the game goes really poorly.


Brad Berreman

The latest posts from Brad Berreman, author at FanSided.com.


John Buhler

John Buhler is a Staff Writer on FanSided.com. He specializes in covering college football and the NFL on a national level, as well as his hometown Atlanta Braves. Buhler is a University of Georgia graduate (BBA, 2012), but spent most of his time in Athens enjoying the finer things in life than actually studying business management. He co-hosts False Start with FanSided.com colleague Cody Williams "a college football podcast for everyone, and everyone else". In his spare time, Buhler loves him some karaoke, bar trivia and alternative rock, living his best dude life possible.


Curt Bishop

Curt Bishop is a freelance sportswriter who covers MLB, NFL, and NBA for FanSided. Curt's work includes covering trade and free agent predictions, as well as rumors and news.


Caden Charpentier

Caden is a college student with aspirations of working in sports media. He has been a Chelsea, and Boston sports fan all his life, covering CFC, CFCW, the NWSL, and the Celtics since 2021. As a women's football advocate, he hopes that the passion for that is shown in the pieces that he writes.


Cody Williams

FanSided Senior Editor talking all things college football, NFL, golf, college basketball, NFL, pro wrestling. Avid fan of Viktor Hovland, hikes, Ed Cota, The Tonight Dough, and Nomar Garciaparra. BFA in Creative Writing from UNC-Wilmington. Spinning words online since 2013, tortured by the Dallas Cowboys since 1995.


Dedrick Hendrix

Dedrick Hendrix is a contributing writer for Fansided.


Grew up as a kid in Parkhead, Glasgow in the late 60's (What a great time to be around). Moved to England with parents and been down south ever since. An avid Celtic fan, but work and family has limited opportunities to get to matches, so I'm an armchair fan. Over the years the internet and now social media has increased the access and information to Scottish football enormously. Also a great music lover, lots of types and styles, but the ‘70’s a big favourite. I write for The Celtic Bhoys, for Fansided to cover occasional women’s football topics in Scotland. I also write for AudioPhix and Stairway to 11 covering music and classic rock.

Ethan Lee

Ethan Lee is a seasoned college sports writer, editor, and content strategist with nearly a decade of experience. A graduate of Mississippi State and Arkansas State, Ethan brings an appreciation of the underdogs and overlooked to his work. As the Site Expert for Autzen Zoo, Ethan provides in-depth coverage of the Oregon Ducks. He also contributes to FanSided.com's national college sports coverage and covers the Mississippi State Bulldogs for Maroon and White Nation. With a passion for college athletics and a knack for storytelling, Ethan is dedicated to delivering engaging content and fostering a sense of community among fans.


Iain MacMillan

Iain hails from Nova Scotia, Canada where he grew up a die-hard sports fan. Iain's fandom developed into a passion for sports betting and he's been working in the industry since 2018. His beloved Falcons and Leafs break his heart on a yearly basis.


Ian Levy

Ian Levy is creative editorial director for FanSided.com and manager of the basketball verticals The Step Black and Nylon Calculus. He has previously written for FiveThirtyEight, VICE Sports, ESPN, The Sporting News, and The Cauldron at Sports Illustrated.


Jeremiah Artacho

Jeremiah Artacho is a sports journalist based in Durham, North Carolina. He is a contributor for FanSided.com, Hardwood Houdini, and Busting Brackets, writing about his favorite sport — basketball. Besides typing up words and publishing them, you could catch him on a walk or at the gym pumping iron. However, if you want to know more about Jeremiah, just reach out to him on Twitter. 


Justin Fried

Justin has been covering the NFL with FanSided since 2017 and is currently an Associate Editor. He's covered the New York Jets for The Jet Press, the Baltimore Ravens for Ebony Bird, and all Bay Area Sports for Golden Gate Sports. He is currently the editor at The Jet Press and Ebony Bird covering the New York Jets and Baltimore Ravens.


Jonathan Lurensky

Jon has been following sports ever since he was five years old when his dad took him to a MLB baseball game (which is his first memory ever). He is a contributing writer for Fansided's NBA and College Football sites. In his free time, Jonathan is extremely interested in the world of sports marketing and hopes to make a career in it one day


James Nolan

James writes about New York Sports and more. Host of the Strictly NYC Show. Podcast Host for Morning Brew Sports on YouTube.


Joel Wagler

Joel is a life long sports and entertainment fan and has spent 14 years covering the NFL, MLB, college basketball, and college football, as well as TV, movies, books, and music as a writer, editor, and sports and entertainment director. He also coaches basketball and bowling for Special Olympics.

Kyle Delaney

The latest posts from Kdelaney, author at FanSided.com.

Karan Jain

The latest posts from Karan Jain, author at FanSided.com.


Kinnu Singh

The latest posts from Kinnu Singh, author at FanSided.com.


Lior Lampert

The latest posts from Lior Lampert, author at FanSided.com.

Mark Powell

Pittsburgh-based journalist and senior editor at FanSided.com. Formerly of 12up and AT&T Sportsnet. Always @ me


Michael Collins

The latest posts from Michael Collins, author at FanSided.com.

Michael Hanich

I am a 30-year-old sports writer, analyst, and editor. I am a newcast producer and a sports writing. I have been making NFL mock Drafts since I was 13-years old and known since then I wanted to be an analyst for the sport of College Football and the NFL Draft. Passonate Basketball and Hockey fan.

Mike Phillips

The latest posts from Mike Phillips, author at FanSided.com.


Miranda Remaklus

She is a lifelong St. Louis Cardinals fan. Born and raised in Arkansas, she has her journalism degree and a masters in public administration degree from Arkansas State University. She enjoys spending time with her friends and family, watching the St. Louis Cardinals, aggressively playing fantasy sports, cheering on the St. Louis Blues and Memphis Grizzlies. Always looking for streaming show recommendations!


Marci Rubin

Marci Rubin is a fan of the New York Yankees and New Jersey Devils. She covers baseball, hockey, and gymnastics for FanSided. She covers the Devils for Pucks and Pitchforks.


Nicole Bosco

The latest posts from Nicole Bosco, author at FanSided.com.


Nicholas Chiarito

The latest posts from Nicholas Chiarito, author at FanSided.com.

Noa Dalzell

NBA writer covering the Boston Celtics 📝 | SB Nation's @CelticsBlog | Connecticut Sun beat for @TheNextHoops and @SwishAppeal | noadalzell@gmail.com


Nick Villano

Nick Villano is the Site Expert for Pucks and Pitchforks, running the number-one New Jersey Devils blog on the internet for more than seven years. He also hosts the State of the Fan Address on the Let's Go Devils podcast.


Roger Castillo

The latest posts from Roger Castillo, author at FanSided.com.

Robert Murray

Robert is FanSided’s National MLB Insider and co-hosts The Baseball Insiders Podcast. He has previously written for The Athletic and FanRag Sports where he has covered the World Series, MLB postseason and the Milwaukee Brewers. He has been a member of the Baseball Writers’ Association of America (BBWAA) since 2018.


Rucker Haringey

The latest posts from Rucker Haringey, author at FanSided.com.


Russell S. Baxter

NFL Writer for FanSided, NFL Spin Zone, Phin Phanatic, Titan Sized, Full Press Coverage and more. Founder of Pro Football Guru. Ex-Nerd Bowler on Good Morning Football. 22 years at ESPN and former writer for CBS Thursday Night Football. Lots of Radio, plenty of television, always lots to do and loving every minute of it. Stay tuned!


Robert Wheeler

The latest posts from Robert Wheeler, author at FanSided.com.


Sravan Gannavarapu

Sravan Gannavarapu is a Contributing Writer to FanSided, NFL Spin Zone, and Hoops Habit. Sravan covers college sports, the NFL, NBA, and MLB. He has a bachelor's degree from VCU and master's degree from Boston University in Journalism. Sravan joined FanSided in 2020.


Scott Rogust

Scott Rogust is a staff writer for FanSided.com, covering NFL, college football, MLB, NHL and professional wrestling. Previously wrote for 12UP and Double G Sports. Scott graduated from Rutgers University-Newark with a major in journalism and minor in biology. He is a New York sports fan who has not felt joy since the Rangers made it to the Stanley Cup Final in 2014. Scott has a vast knowledge of professional wrestling trivia and will understand any reference from "The Simpsons."


Simon Shortt

The latest posts from Simon Shortt, author at FanSided.com.

Thomas Erbe

Tommy is a meatball sports fan from Chicago who loves writing and talking about all things baseball. While he may not be from your city, he's passionate about the game as a whole and giving you a valuable angle of analysis.


Terrence Jordan

Contributor at Fansided. Tar Heel born and bred, and if they ever find a way to kill me (gotta get past Max, Penny, and Henry first), Tar Heel dead.


Veronica Elizabeth Bruno

Award-winning journalist and photographer. Fansided site tennis expert. Sports analyst, lifelong golf enthusiast, and entertainment sponge. Press Association winner. Published in the Harvard Summer Review. Favorite writer is Shakespeare. Obsessed with Downton Abbey, Absolutely Fabulous, Vikings, The Wire, Rome, Twin Peaks, Game of Thrones, Westworld, Deadwood, and The Walking Dead. Veronica's photographs have been exhibited all over the country.


Wes Goldberg

Wes Goldberg is the site expert at All U Can Heat and an NBA contributor for FanSided.com. Goldberg hosts the Locked On Heat and Locked On NBA podcasts. He worked previously at the Bay Area News Group as a beat reporter covering the Golden State Warriors and has written for publications including The Ringer, Miami Herald, Bleacher Report, and others. He also has strong opinions about sandwiches and believes cheese is the only pizza topping.


Zach Pressnell

The latest posts from Zach Pressnell, author at FanSided.com.

Zackery Rogers

Zackery Rogers is a proud HBCU graduate of Morgan State University. He is from Germantown, MD, and is a Believer, Sports Fanatic, and Lover of Sneakers. Huge fan & supporter of the WNBA! "Be the change, you want to see" IG: @zackyd5 & Twitter: @ZackeryRogers13


Zachary Rotman

The latest posts from Zachary Rotman, staff writer at FanSided.com.


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