Charissa Thompson Heads Back to FOX After Last Day at ESPN

ESPN’s SportsNation will be looking for another new co-host after their latest female talent jumps ship to another sports network.

Charissa Thompson, who left FOX Sports to work at ESPN, will be heading back to FOX Sports in a role that’s currently undetermined. She had her last day with the worldwide leader today, and posted her goodbyes on Twitter including this montage with co-host Marcellus Wiley on SportsNation.

Back in May, it was reported that Thompson would be making the move to FOX Sports. Erin Andrews, who made the jump from ESPN to FOX last year, welcomed Thompson moments ago.

Thompson succeeded Michelle Beadle at SportsNation in July 2012 when Beadle made the move to NBC to work on their sports network and other projects such as Access Hollywood. Colin Cowherd, who hosted the show with Beadle, had no interest in continuing on when she left and the show moved out to Los Angeles where Wiley had his radio show on ESPN.

Another female talent from ESPN, Rachel Nichols, moved to CNN and Turner Sports back in January. Perhaps all these jumps make more sense now after seeing ESPN ax many of their employees in recent weeks.

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  • Nick Sickler

    Or perhaps bc of all the allegations of sexual misconduct by male employees ???

    • Michael Lake

      No, its because ESPN underpays their employees and believe that no one is bigger than the brand. These women are being offered more money and therefore leave. Not at all different from the male anchors that were leaving back in the day like Dan Patrick and Keith Olbermann

      • Obamarrhoids

        The best thing that ever happened to ESPN was getting rid of Keith Olbermouth.

  • kenoman

    Why the fu&k did you delete my entire comment when I signed in? I spent a long time on that comment and I ain’t typing it again. Y’all need to fix that! I miss Charissa.

  • Chad Ammidown

    Who is that directed at? Disqus is its own identity, independent of this site.