Kendrick Lamar diss song by Da YoungFellaz

I don’t know if this is the first diss track in response to Kendrick Lamar’s verse on the Big Sean song “Control,” but it is the first I’ve heard. The controversial lyrics suggest that Kendrick Lamar is coming for other rappers fans, even those he considers friends and he proclaims himself the king of New York.

A group called “Da YoungFellaz” responded with a Kendrick Lamar diss track called “Turn Down That Sound.”

The group “decided to record a response” 10 minutes after hearing his verse. They say “he’s awoken the sleeping Giants.”

However after listening to the song it sounds like this is purely a rap group trying to capitalize on the buzz Kendrick Lamar has created. They don’t reference anything that Kendrick says. There is a vague reference to I believe Vietnam and bombs at the beginning of the song, but it doesn’t sound like that is more coincidence than a reference to Lamar.

I expected something more along the lines of  Slaughterhouse’s Joell Ortiz’s Kendrick Lamar diss track.

The rest of ‘Da YoungFellaz’ song is generic rap rhetoric rambling, not a response to Kendrick Lamar.  They never even say his name in the song aside from seemingly not even subtly addressing him.

Maybe I missed something.

The lyrics are here.

Kendrick Lamar said he was “trying to raise the bar” but apparently they YoungFellaz weren’t up to par.

Lupe Fiasco ghost wrote better responses for other rappers.

Some real diss tracks might be in the works, Joe Budden apparently was headed to the studio.

Fabolous was trying to find an open studio.


So I questioned whether this was in fact a diss track, and the Da Young Fellaz reached out to let me know that it in fact was.









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