Miley Cyrus Twerk and Will Smith's hilarious reaction (GIF)

At we love sports and entertainment, but we want to be clear that we mean quality entertainment and not that sham of an “award show” that MTV decided to air on Sunday night. I mean, how can you have the Video Music Awards when all you air is trashy reality television and pregnant teens who end up in jail?

Regardless, the VMAs brought us one of the most shocking television moments in recent memory when the one and only Miley Cyrus seemed to have taken her lyrics too far and danced with one too many Molly’s.

Before our very eyes we watched Hannah Montana crying out for help. She looked more like a girl that would have been cast as Jesse Pinkman’s meth addicted girlfriend in Breaking Bad than a former Disney star.

Just look at what she did on that stage:

Luckily for us, we have Will Smith. A true entertainer.

One of the reasons we love Will Smith is because he is just like the rest of us and the reaction of his entire family tells the story:

Photo via Twitter: @Official_VMAs

Jaden and Willow sure seem to be wondering what the hell is going on and they are equally disgusted. Let’s check that out a little closer.

Twitter: @Official_VMAs via

We can all agree with those reactions, and I am sure Billy Ray Cyrus’ reaction wasn’t much different.

What we did learn from the VMAs was that MTV is still on a rapid decline, as is Miley Cyrus, and that Will Smith and his wife have done a hell of a job at raising their children.

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  • skeletony

    Oh for f***’s sake…c’mon man! No one dislikes MTV, ‘reality TV’ and to be honest 95% of what is on TV, more than I do. But this article is just plain stupid. Did Cyrus take her clothes off and hump an animal on stage? No? Then quit acting like she did. No one much cares what Will Smith’s reactions are. He is a Scientologist who believes there certain words (traditionally labeled as ‘profanity’) should not be allowed to be spoken. What case does anyone have to say that the word “tree” should not be prohibited from being spoken if we are to leave the matter to individual, arbitrary tastes?
    The greatest irony here is that in a world where no one obsessed so much over sex, people like Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga would not be doing anything you guys would lose your minds over. It is the very act of being ‘prudish’ about this behavior that drives this behavior!