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Jimmy Kimmel pulls a fast one on America with twerking fail

Jimmy Kimmel

It looks as if Jimmy Kimmel has pulled the mother of all fast ones on America.

Early last week, a video of a girl named Caitlin Heller started making the rounds around the internet. According to the description on the video, ‘I tried making a sexy twerk video for my boyfriend and things got a little too hot.’

The video subsequently spread like wildfire. The story was picked up by news outlets all over the nation who talked about the dangers of twerking. Some even went as far as to blame Miley Cyrus’ twerk-fest at the VMAs this year for the incident.

Since hitting the internet last week, the video clip has received just shy of 10 million views on YouTube.

As with every video that hits the internet, there were a lot of people who assumed that the video was fake, and that the entire situation had been staged. It turns out that they were right; the entire incident was brought to you by the people at Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

On Monday, Kimmel opened the show by inviting Caitlin Heller, the girl in the video, to give her first full interview via Skype about how the heck this whole situation happened.

Kimmel proceeded to interview her asking her questions like why she decided to post the video after everything that happened.

“I did not want to first but my friend kind of talked me into it,” she said.

He then asked her why the footage stopped so suddenly, and pressed that it looked like there was more that went down. Then, he revealed that she had provided the show with the rest of the footage.

Kimmel said that he thought it was best if they did the reveal together. He then walked offstage to a curtained off area where he “joined” her in Kansas City for the reveal.

Heller, in a pink top and yoga pants is standing in front of a door twerking it for the camera when her roommate opened the door, unknowing what is going on behind it, sending her friend crashing into a glass table with burning candles all over it.

As Heller crashes through the table, her pants catch on fire and she begins to scream frantically. Don’t lie; you know you laughed hysterically when you saw it for the first time.

When the video continued past where the original had stopped, in comes the late night host himself in an identical outfit, pink top and all, with a fire extinguisher to put out the flames.

“The conspiracy theorists on the Internet who thought the video was fake, you were right, we made it up.” Kimmel admitted.

He revealed that they shot the video over two months ago and never spoke of it, whether through social media or otherwise. They just put the video on YouTube and “let the magic happen.”

In reality, the “twerker’s” name isn’t even Caitlin Heller. She is actually a stuntwoman named Daphne Avalon.

Kimmel ended the segment with a nod to Daphne.

“Thank you for helping us deceive the world and hopefully put an end to twerking forever,” he told Daphne.

Score one for Jimmy Kimmel.

No one could have imagined that something so simple would have gone so viral, so quickly. News outlets jumped on this right away, and it became an internet phenomenon almost overnight.

I am with Kimmel on this one. Hopefully, this will put an end to the twerking phenomenon before someone tries to make a twerking video of their own, and something like this actually happens.

In case you were one of the few people who missed it the first time, here is the original video in all its glory.

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