Why Should We Still Care about the Xbox One Releasing?


This holiday season is shaping up to be a great for one gamers with two new gaming consoles coming out and plenty of great games to play. Microsoft will release the Xbox One a week after the PS4 and it seems that there is not too much buzz about it.

One of the reasons could be that their new device will cost consumers an extra $100 compared to the competition. The other possible reason is that Microsoft changed their stance on used games from what was announced at E3.

That was a problem because it confused people somewhat on whether the console would block used games or not. The best thing for them would have been to pick a side and stick with it.

However even with all of this people should still care about it coming out. For one the console is being built on new architecture and there is an expectation that this will make the games run smoother. It will be up to the developers to take advantage of this aspect and make the best games possible.

The other reason to care is that Microsoft will improve the functionality of the dashboard and make the on-line experience better as well. This was the major advantage they had in the past over Sony and it had to do with playing games on-line. It will be interesting to see if they can keep that going with the new console.

The major selling point of any new gaming device is that it’s all about the games. They did announce some interesting titles that will come out and it appears that Forza Motorsport 5 will be the king at launch, as it will show off the graphical prowess of the Xbox One.

The telling sign of the success for the console will be months after launch. They will need to have quality exclusive games come out so that they can separate themselves from the competition.

The new console from Microsoft did not have the best entrance, but that should not detract people from caring about it.











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  • jay

    Sony did well for gamers. Xbox is for averagr joes who like to have gimmicky things that work with what they already have in their entertainment systems.

    That being said xbox will appeal to a broader audience. Also xbox live is huge. Ps+ is not. This will appeal to modest gamers and people who like easy flexible entertainment. It is what apple tried to do and xbox will do that.
    PlayStation will be great for gamers and those who like PlayStation exclusives. But in the long run there will be a larger Xbox base and those who like Xbox exclusives will still stay with Xbox

    • epicxbeast

      Average joe’s. Lmfao your funny. Last I checked xbox is the most competitive and has the best multiplayer to date. I switched to the ps3 for a year after having xbox 360 for 4 and I call it the darkside of gaming. Everyone on ps3 sucks so bad. I was going 60-3- 60-5 every game in call of duty blackops on the ps3. The community on ps3 also sucks ass. Yes you get little kids yelling on xbox but most of the community talk and do call outs. I feel like a one man army on the ps3. Even games like socom…huge socom fan from back in ps2 were talking is key to win. Ps3 lol no one calls shit out. And most of then are black people that are racist. Im a pro gamer of many kinds. Shooters, former guitar hero pro, rpg. The playstation is weak when it comes to multiplayer. So no you have it wrong the playstation is for the joes the xbox is for the pros.

      • Dustin Hughes

        Depends on what type of game you’re playing. FPS? Xbox has that market. If you’re playing ANY other genre of game, Sony dominates in that category. Sony also offers more for your money with the PS+ package than Xbox Live Gold. I’m interested to see how the next generation fairs since both multiplayer services are behind paywalls now. Should even the playing field.

  • jay

    And now watch the sony fans attack. We all know xbox only cares about gamers to a point. They want all types of users not just gamers. If they want nfl and all that sports and trendy stuff they are not going to buy a playstation and you know it.

  • bob

    300,000 online dedicated servers. How many do you have Sony?

    • Dustin Hughes

      They have Gaikai, the Guiness World Record holders for largest, fastest, and most secure servers.

      • Matthew Molchan

        That server is for streaming ps3 games, it has nothing to do with dedicated online gaming servers, like xbox one

      • Zohak Diaz

        Gaikai is not even out till 2015. Lol

      • thisBlueDude

        Gaikai for Sony = 15,000 servers. Read up bud.

  • Camile Malono

    Titanfall and halo will sell the x1 really well in 2014:)

  • Zohak Diaz

    I can’t wait for xb1 to be in my living room. I don’t feel the same about PS 4 which in my opinion is not that different from ps3

  • Pedro Cati

    I’ll just be happy when I get to come home and see my xbox one waiting for me with my games, so many boxes to tear open

  • J Plow

    Why is the writer under the assumption that people have already written off the xbox one? It starts with a horribly bias title and then spends the rest of the time explaining why the title makes no sense. You could do the same thing with the PS4.

    And poorly written too, btw.

  • Steve pritchard

    I cant agree more with this article. However i will be getting x1 . Just not at launch! I gotta try it before i pay 500 bucks for it. Ive never payed 500 for a console and prob wont start this holiday . Maybe they will lower the price . Its ps4 for me at launch . I mostly play rpgs so titanfall and cod crap doesnt interest me . I will prob get x1 when the price drops. But right now it seems like all bark and no bite!