How can EA earn back the trust of gamers?

Electronic Arts is one of the more well known companies in the gaming industry. They have just about every type of game that you could imagine in their catalog. However they are not favorite among gamers and they seem to have lost their trust.

They do release some quality games with the Battlefield series popular among people who enjoy playing first-person shooters. This game is the only direct competition that Call of Duty has. There is also Need For Speed, the popular racing game that allows people to drive their favorite car as fast as they want at insane speeds.

The success with this series started when EA partnered with Criterion Games a couple of years ago. This was a great partnership that proved beneficial for both parties involved.

EA has also released some games that have left people scratching their heads. One game that comes to mind is Mass Effect 3, and this had plenty to do with the ending of the game. The way it ended upset fans of the game and this was a surprise considering how good the second game in the series was.

Another game that suffers from the same fate is Dragon Age. This a fantasy role-playing game that had people excited after the first one came out with the diversity that was showcased. Then the second came out and they went away from what made it a huge success.

They can still earn back the trust of trust of gamers, and it will start with the release of the new Dragon Age game in 2014. If they choose to focus less on making the game more action oriented, while putting more of an emphasis on story telling and character development.

Another way they could earn back the trust of gamers is to listen to them and see what they would prefer in a game.

It seems that EA cares more about making money than making games that people will enjoy. They have to strike the right balance of making games that sell well, while also pleasing gamers as well.

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