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Warren Sapp criticizes Greg Schiano


Is there anyone left from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers organization that hasn’t had something to say about head coach Greg Schiano?

ESPN reports that Hall of Fame defensive tackle Warren Sapp had a couple of things to say about his former team, specifically directed towards Schiano, during a podcast interview with

Sapp, who will be inducted into the Buccaneers ring of honor next month, criticized Schiano for the way he handled former starting quarterback Josh Freeman.

According to Sapp, per ESPN:

If I’m down in Tampa, I’m questioning this whole thing because it’s a mafia style. [Mike] Glennon is not the quarterback that Josh Freeman is. There’s no question about it. The film tells me this. Practice tells me this. Even my quarterback demeanor tells me this. If you wouldn’t let [Freeman] throw the ball at the end of the game, why is Glennon throwing the ball at the end of the game?

Sapp also criticized the way Schiano is using All Pro cornerback Derrelle Revis, via ESPN:

Why is Revis standing eight yards off [Larry] Fitzgerald running a slant route and nobody’s there? Touchdown. Are you kidding me? Let’s lock up our No. 1 corner who we’re paying $16 million and then we rotate the coverage. There has to be a plan.

Indeed, Sapps commenst seem to be valid. While Freeman was certainly struggling at the beginning of the year, the move to rookie quarterback Mike Glennon has not been an improvement and is not giving the Bucs a better chance to win. Revis voiced a similar opinion about being misused in the secondary earlier this season.

Whether you like Sapp as a analyst or not, he has certainly earned an opinion one of the greats in Tampa Bay history. His franchise-leading 77 sacks  for he Bucs earned him a bust in Canton, Ohio in 2013 and he will be inducted into the Bucs’ ring of honor  on November 11.

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