Mar 7, 2012; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay (right) announces that quarterback Peyton Manning (left) will be released and become a free agent during a press conference at the Indiana Farm Bureau Football Center. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Former Colts players says Jim Irsay views Peyton Manning as ex-girlfriend

Former NFL defensive tackle Tommie Harris, who spent some time with the Indianapolis Colts in 2011, is the latest person to sound off on the building drama between Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay and his former quarterback Peyton Manning.

The drama has led to an additional story line to this week’s game between the Colts and Denver Brocnos, and Harris had an interesting comparison.

As far as Harris is concerned, the comments that Irsay has put out in the public sound like that of a man bitter about his ex-girlfriend.

“I had a chance to be under Jim Irsay when I was with the Colts, and I’ve got to say he was quite different, a different owner,” Harris said.

“You know how that ugly girlfriend, she kind of goes away, and then she ends up getting pretty and losing weight and then she ends up getting back healthy? This is the thing, Peyton Manning has become that girlfriend. They got rid of him, thought he was used up, thought his neck was messed up, and went back and became so beautiful.”

This is certainly a new comparison that we haven’t heard before, but it is a perfect combination of hilarious and spot on.

While Irsay’s comments may not have been directly targeting Manning, that is the way that everything was made out to seem and it isn’t coming off very well.

Hopefully, after the game is over, we can all back to normal and leave our ex-girlfriends alone.

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