NFL Week 9 power rankings: Monday morning ranks

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Feb. 2, 2013; New Orleans, LA, USA: The NFL logo on display near the red carpet prior to the Super Bowl XLVII NFL Honors award show at Mahalia Jackson Theater. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

There is just one game remaining in Week 8 of the regular season, but we have a pretty good handle on where every team in the league stands entering the midway point of the season. The Kansas City Chiefs continued to roll on Sunday, while the Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning showed that they are more than capable of overcoming early adversity to come storming back in a big way.

On the other side of the spectrum, the Atlanta Falcons continued to sputter and the Jaguars remain win-less despite a “home” game in London.

Where does your team stand in the latest power rankings? Continue on to see where your team comes in on the updated list and be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • Frank Lee Tyred

    not quite sure why the AFC north would care what happens between the NFC West Rams and Seahawks…

  • skeletony

    Dude…seriously, Get an editor! There are half a dozen entries in this article that are almost unreadable due to spelling and grammar errors (and mistakes such as saying the Rams will play Seattle on “Sunday Night Football” which is not a hair-pulling mistake but when coupled with the slew of atrocious grammatical errors, it is not good.). Seriously go back and read through them all.

    • w m.

      how about his error “task” instead of “cast” when talking about Brett Favre. beyond typos and i agree, unreadable.

    • PunjabiPete

      I picture a man wearing a cardigan pulling his hair out, whilst looking at an erroneously placed comma. You just got someone murdered today, Mr. Sanchez

  • anon76returns

    “Easily handled”? News flash: anytime you need to recover an onsides kick to preserve a win, you did not “easily handle” your opponent.

  • PunjabiPete

    Ahem… *cough* *cough* CHIIIEEEEFFFSSSS!!!!!

  • DXW

    The Colts “easily handled” the Broncos? The Broncos lost that game through injuries and sloppy play more than the Colts won it. If the Colts are lucky enough to make the playoffs and unlucky enough to have to face Denver, they will certainly lose.

    • Curtis Miles

      LOL! “Real team” so did we just imagine going 8-0? were those “fake” imaginary teams? Oh, and can’t wait til we play the Donkeys, They still haven’t seen a “real” defense as you would say! BTW these aren’t the same ol’ Chiefs and you and the rest of the league will find out soon; don’t need power rankings to express that!

      • DXW

        The Chiefs have a good defense, but I’m not sure their reputation hold up. If you look at the last couple QB’s they’ve gone up against, backups and 3rd stringers, and how those guys were able to move the ball on KC, I’d be real worried. I’d also be worried about the KC offense. They can’t score on bad teams, and to win against Denver or SD they’re going to have to score a lot. Denver’s D is getting healthier again, and is starting to click the way it was built to click. Too soon to say if they’re any good after only one dominating performance against the Redskins and their #4 offense, but it’s a promising sign.

        I’m much more concerned about SD than the Chiefs. When Rivers is on, he’s really good. As long as Denver’s D can rattle him, it’s not a problem, but he’s still dangerous.

        The Chiefs just don’t have the offense to compete in the playoffs, and their D, while talented, isn’t as good as advertised. Maybe if they start beating good teams with top offenses I’ll see them differently. If that happens, I’ll give credit where it’s due, but right now I just don’t see it.

        • ……ChiefsFan……

          They held Dallas, Philly, and New York all under 17 points. Yards don’t matter, being a broncos fan, you should know that.

          They moved the ball effectively against Houston, and The Browns, which are very good defensive teams.

          I’ll give you that those wins weren’t pretty, but they do render your argument invalid.

          • DXW

            There are those red and gold glasses I was talking about. As a chiefs fan I’m sure it’s nice to think those teams were better than their records, but they really weren’t. I’m sure you’d feel better about KC’s chances if they’d played teams with better records.

            If they do great in the second half of the season, then you’ll be proven right. Personally I think they’ll only with 3 more games, and that comes from seeing how they’ve played the teams on their schedule so far.

          • Robert Dean Crowder

            Among common opponets Chiefs held them to fewer points than the Broncos. Just saying….

          • DXW

            That stat means nothing. You’re seeing mostly garbage time scores against a defense with 5 missing starters. Denver will put up 30+ on KC’s defense with no trouble, and the Chiefs don’t have the offense to score that much on Denver D.

            I feel like I’m stating the obvious here.

        • nohater

          They have pretty much played the same teams as the donkeys….exception of what…2? Lol Been hearing this bla for weeks and weeks…cry somewhere else SD and Donkey fans bahahaha

          • DXW

            I’m not crying. You’re absolutely right. The Broncos have had a soft schedule, too. The reason I think the Chiefs are inferior to the Broncos is in the way those games have gone, not who they were against. It’s possible both the Chiefs and the Broncos will take an early exit from the playoffs. Both the Chiefs and Manning have a habit of choking in the playoffs.

    • ……ChiefsFan……

      Last week… Crickets
      This week… You’re harping on the Chiefs again.

      I would probably be quiet to if my team was easily handled by another team. Hasn’t happened yet. The only “good” team the donkeys have played was the colts, how did that end again?

      • DXW

        You sound like you actually believe the Chiefs are going to end the regular season with a better record than Denver… HA HA HA! Seriously, this is why you homer Chief fans are so funny and so easily upset. You see football through red and gold colored glasses, and it never ends well for you.

        You can’t possibly feel that confident unless the only games you watch are Chiefs games, and you think the rest of the teams in the league are comparable to the teams the Chiefs have faced so far. If you took a look at the actual good teams around the league, Seattle, Denver, Indy, NO, etc, and compare how they play to how the Chiefs struggle against bad teams, you’d know that this run KC is on is going to come to a screeching stop very soon.

        I admit I could be wrong. Stranger things have happened in the NFL, but if you watch them in a non-biased way, you’ll see that KC is pretty bad for an 8-0 team. They have barely squeaked by teams that should’ve been blowout wins. And maybe those teams upped their game for the Chiefs. Dallas upped their game for Denver, same with Jax and Indy, so it happens… But what’s going to happen when a real team like Denver or Indy up’s their game for the Chiefs?

        It’s nice to feel confident, I get it, but don’t pretend you don’t see the end coming. KC will end the year 11-5 and lose in the wildcard game.

        • ……ChiefsFan……

          You hope.

          • DXW

            I don’t know if it’s hope because I honestly don’t see KC as a threat. Maybe I’m the one not seeing what other people see, who knows. I’ve been following the AFC West since the early 80′s, and the Chiefs have always been either terrible or good enough to be over confident which has always led to an early loss in the playoffs. Maybe this year will be different mentally for the Chiefs, but while they’re a good team who manages can beat bad teams, they haven’t shown that they can beat good teams. Maybe they can. Maybe I’ll eat these words in a month and have to admit I was wrong about them, but I honestly doubt it’ll happen.

        • ……ChiefsFan……

          Sorry, I just read the top section of your comment. You do know you can have a different opinion about a subject without being a jerk about it right? That’s what ADULTS do, if you’re going to resort to name calling and obscenities, then you deserve to be kicked out.

          If you can have an opinion, and express it in an acceptable manner, you can have discussions with adults.

          • DXW

            Oh please… All I did was point out the mental shortcomings of KCmikeG, who actually turned out to be mentally challenged. Yes, I put my foot in my mouth there, but in my defense, it’s pretty easy to get confused when dealing with some of the more rabid Chiefs fans. It’s hard to tell if these guys are intentionally being idiots, or if they actually have a mental disability. In this case, KCmikeG has an actual mental disability, and I probably shouldn’t have used “grown up words” to point it out. I think it confused him and upset him enough to wet his pants and go running to his caretaker who asked that I be removed from the board.

            It’s ok, though. In a couple weeks picking on the Chiefs fans isn’t going to be nearly as fun. You’ll all be picking on the team yourselves, and “I told you so’s” are only fun for so long before it just becomes sad.

            Either way, no more grown up words for you sensitive types. I promise.

        • Robert Dean Crowder

          And you sound like every other butt hurt Broncos fan cause you got a loss on your record.Seems like your late for your PAP SMEER DXW

          • DXW

            This isn’t college ball, son. Every team loses during the season. You don’t think the Chiefs are going to go 16-0, do you? They’ll be lucky to go 11-5.

            Part of me hopes KC beats Buffalo this week. I would love them to be undefeated when they come into Denver and face their first challenge of the season.

            Hope you don’t disappear after that game. It’ll be a fun week around here.

    • GJ

      You have no arguement. This is not HS football where a 5a school crushes all 3a schools. This is the NFL…. Its week to week…. Chiefs are Number 1

      • DXW

        I’m not arguing anything. I’m saying the Chiefs are overrated and until they play a good team, their defense is questionable. Their offense is already questionable. These rankings are meaningless in the NFL.

        • Robert Dean Crowder

          See your point, DXW. Playing a good team proves where your at right? So where do you see your Broncos after the colts loss? Just saying…..

          • DXW

            Where do I see them? They’re 7-1 and easily the best team in the AFC.

            I realize the idea that the Chiefs haven’t been tested so far this year goes against the hopes of Chief fans who want them to be the best team in the league, but there’s a reason no one is taking them seriously. You have to see that, right? If they were playing these teams and beating them by double digits (like Denver has) then more people would be singing the Chiefs praises, but they’re not. They are struggling, and the last couple wins have come down to mistakes on the part of the other team, which means KC got lucky. The Texans and Browns are really bad teams, and it showed with the way they let those games slip away. If KC plays that way against a team that has it’s shit together, they lose. Period.

            I’m not saying the Chiefs aren’t good. They are. They have a lot of talent on that team, but are they elite? Are they playoff caliber? Are they capable of holding their own against Denver and NO and Seattle and Indy? Who knows. They haven’t played anyone even close to that level, and if I had to speculate based on what I’ve seen from them so far, I’d say absolutely not. They are the benefactors of an easy schedule and luck, nothing more.

    • Robert Dean Crowder

      Offense you got. Defense no. If your offense wasn’t putting up 48 points a game, the other teams wouldn’t be passing 88% of the time to play catch up. Your defense is maybe in the top 15. What will your defense do when Manning scores less than 30? Thats right you don’t know, but your fixing to find out.

      • DXW

        “What will your defense do when Manning scores less than 30?”

        Ha ha… good one.

        Oh wait, you’re serious?

        Well, Robert, I seriously doubt there’s a defense in the league that can limit Denver’s offense to under 30 points. The only team that can do that is Denver. Maybe if Manning is off his game and they’re playing Seattle at home, but that’s not happening this year, so…

        I haven’t given up on this defense, especially with Miller back. They are loaded with talent, and they looked incredible against Washington and their #4 offense this week. They’ll be fine.

    • Neel Matches

      The Broncos lost the game through injuries? While playing against a Colts team that was all but decimated on offense? The Colts lost their two starting RB’s, top TE, and starting guard. Not saying much about Denver to point to injuries in that game.

      • DXW

        Sorry, but when Denver’s o-line is missing their starting left tackle, right tackle, and center, and when Manning is playing on two sprained ankles, it’s a factor. But you’re right, it’s also part of the game, and everyone is dealing with injuries to some degree. There needs to be depth, and Denver was stretched way too thin to have much of a chance against Mathis and co, and that (plus sloppy play and dumb penalties on the D) is why they lost. The fact they still had a chance at the end of that game is pretty impressive.

        If they stay healthy, and the Colts end up coming to Denver for the first round of the playoffs (after beating the Chiefs in the wildcard), the broncos will destroy them.

  • gunny hartman

    I’m a lifelong Cowboy fan….and I’ve had it! Until Jerry hires a coach with LEADERSHIP skills and get’s his EGO in check, I’m done. GO RAIDERS! At lease Al Davis can’t screw them up anymore.

  • Puck U

    I have no issue with the Chiefs as #1 in the PR this week. They are undefeated 8 games in. It’s not their fault they have a lighter schedule.

    However, I don’t think the Colts deserve #2. Yes, they’ve beaten some of the top teams, but you also have to factor in losses to the Dolphins, Chargers and an almost loss to the Raiders. At this point, they are too inconsistent to be rated # 2.

  • Oaktown Jaxx

    Terrelle Pryor was a supplemental pick by Al Davis. And just ran 93 yards for a touchdown against the Steelers. priceless

  • Bashir Elliott

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