WWE Raw: Randy Orton beats Brad Maddox, leaves on stretcher (GIFs)

WWE Raw Logo Photo Credit: WWE

WWE Raw Logo
Photo Credit: WWE

WWE Raw is airing live from Nashville tonight. The show started with a recap of the week in the absence of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon who were on vacation. They weren’t thrilled and said that Brad Maddox and Vickie Guerrero had to pay, and they were both assigned to wrestle. Maddox against WWE Champion Randy Orton in a no disqualification match, and Vickie Gurrero against WWE Divas Champion A.J. Lee.

Orton and Maddox’s fight was to start right then. Maddox tried to flee, but Kane made sure he fought. Maddox pleads with Orton who isn’t hearing it and he hits him with a microphone. Maddox realizes he has a chance, quickly DDTs Orton and goes for the pin.

Orton kicked out then went to work on Maddox outside the ring. He hit a DDT on Maddox who’s legs were on the barricade. He brings Maddox to the ring and begins to pummel him with a microphone. The referee stops the fight and declares Randy the winner. Which is odd being as it was a no disqualification match. Nevertheless you can see it in GIF form below.

Maddox tries to pin Orton:

randy almost pinned

Orton regains the upper hand:

randy gets upper hand

Orton beats Maddox to a pulp:


Maddox taken out on a stretcher:


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