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Believe it or not, Texans still have shot at playoffs

Whether you want to believe it or not, the Houston Texans are not mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. Even more surprising, neither are the Jacksonville Jaguars. Clearly, both teams need a lot of help to reach the playoffs, but one of the teams’ hopes will be shattered as they will play each other on Thursday.

Win and stay alive, lose and get eliminated.

The teams are still alive right not because of the AFC’s lack of great records. A 6-10 team has just a chance as anyone to make the playoffs, despite needin so much help the likelihood of making the postseason is improbable.

Tania Ganguli of ESPN broke down the Texans’ chances, and boy do they look slim. But slim chances are better than non-existent.

Week 14

Vikings beat Ravens in Baltimore (good luck with that)

Bengals beat Colts in Cincinnati

Patriots beat Browns in New England

Raiders beat Jets in New York (the Raiders have to lose out after winning this game because at 6-10 they would win a tiebreaker with the Texans because of their head-to-head win)

Steelers beat Dolphins in Pittsburgh (the Dolphins have to lose out, but the Steelers will have to lose the rest of their games after beating the Dolphins, lest they rise to 7-9)

Buccaneers beat Bills in Tampa

Broncos beat Titans in Denver

Giants beat Chargers in San Diego (the Texans will need a win over the Raiders out of San Diego later, so they need a loss this week)

Week 15

Broncos beat Chargers in Denver

Bears beat Browns in Cleveland

Patriots beat Dolphins in Miami

Chiefs beat Raiders in Oakland

Panthers beat Jets in Charlotte

Bengals beat Steelers in Pittsburgh

Lions beat Ravens in Detroit

Week 16

Bills beat Dolphins in Buffalo

Browns beat Jets in New York

Packers beat Steelers in Green Bay

Raiders beat Chargers in San Diego

New England beat Ravens in Baltimore

Week 17

Bengals beat Ravens in Cincinnati

Jets beat Dolphins in Miami

Patriots beat Bills in New England (the good news for Houston is home-field advantage will still be contested at this point)

Browns beat Steelers in Pittsburgh

Broncos beat Raiders in Oakland

Chiefs beat Chargers in San Diego

If all of this happens, plus the team wins the rest of their games, then the Houston Texans will make the playoffs as the 3 seed.

For Jacksonville to have a shot at making the postseason, they need a lot of help themselves.

Michael DiRocco of ESPN breaks down what has to happen for Jacksonville to have a shot of their own.

Week 14 (* denotes home team)

Denver* beats Tennessee

New England* beats Cleveland

Oakland beats New York Jets*

New York Giants beat San Diego*

Miami beats Pittsburgh*

Tampa Bay* beats Buffalo

Week 15

Denver* beats San Diego

Kansas City beats Oakland*

Chicago beats Cleveland*

Carolina* beats Jets

New England beats Miami*

Arizona beats Tennessee*

Cincinnati beats Pittsburgh*

Detroit* beats Baltimore

Week 16

Buffalo* beats Miami

Minnesota beats Cincinnati*

Jets* beat Cleveland

Green Bay* beats Pittsburgh

Oakland beats San Diego*

New England beats Baltimore*

Week 17

Cincinnati* beats Baltimore

Cleveland beats Pittsburgh*

Denver beats Oakland*

Houston beats Tennessee*

Jets beat Miami*

Kansas City beats San Diego*

The Jags also need to win out, which doesn’t seem too far-fetched, as they have Houston, Buffalo, Tennessee, and Indianapolis left on their plates.

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