2014 video game release preview


The previous year was a good time for games with some solid titles releasing, but it just seemed different in the final months and that was probably due to the new consoles coming out.

There’s plenty of expectations that 2014 will be huge, as game companies hope to set themselves apart.

The following is a preview of some games releasing in 2014.

One of the titles that has people excited is Titanfall and this is the first game from newly formed studio, Respawn Entertainment.

The first-person shooter is online only, but it gives players the opportunity to either play on foot or inside a mech called “Titans” and that seems very cool.

There will be multiple types of Titans in the game and each will have unique abilities. This game differs from most shooters you see today and I think Titanfall will be a nice change of pace for the first-person shooter genre.

The next game to watch for in 2014 is another shooter known as Destiny. The people responsible for this game is renowned studio Bungie.

This could be one of the better titles to release in 2014, as Bungie hope to create a dynamic playing experience for gamers.

The style of the game has been described as a shooter that’s always-online with massively multiplayer online game (MMO) elements, but Bungie has avoided calling Destiny a traditional MMO.

In the game players will be allowed to choose from different races and each race has advantages depending on how you choose to play.

Destiny will also have a new game engine that allows global illuminations and real-time dynamic lighting to occur together.

The way Destiny looks it’s starting to remind me of a futuristic version of Borderlands 2.

The other game to keep an eye on in 2014 comes to us from the talented people at Ubisoft Montreal. They’re working on an action-adventure game called Watch Dogs.

This game was expected to launch on both current and next gen last November, but was delayed. Watch Dogs allows players to control vigilante Aiden Pearce, who hack just about anything in the city of Chicago.

The combat in the game will have stealth elements combined with free-running.  We can only hope that delaying the game will provide a better experience for gamers.

You can sound off in the comments section below on what games you’re most excited about about in 2014.






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