Apr 28, 2013; Milwaukee, WI, USA; Milwaukee Bucks center Larry Sanders grabs a loose ball in front of Miami Heat forward Shane Battier in game four of the first round of the 2013 NBA playoffs at the BMO Harris Bradley Center. Mandatory Credit: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Trade Rumors: Milwaukee Bucks looking to trade Larry Sanders for draft picks

The NBA trade deadline is approaching rapidly, which has teams around the league looking at their rosters and how they can adjust things for the future. For some teams, this means adding a missing piece that will give them a boost down the stretch of the season.

Other teams are looking to provide those pieces in an effort to build for the future, and according FOX Sports reporter Sam Amico, the Milwaukee Bucks are one of the teams looking to sell high to set up a foundation for the future. The player at the center of trade talks out of Milwaukee is Larry Sanders.

The Bucks are still very open to moving center Larry Sanders prior to the Feb. 20 trading deadline, sources said. They would have to take back some salary, but it appears draft picks are their priority.

The main reason that the Bucks apparently want to move Sanders is so they can be in a position to draft Oklahoma State star Marcus Smart. Amico notes that the Bucks are very high on the guard and could use him as the foundation for the future. It’s also noted though by Amico that the Bucks wouldn’t mind taking on veterans that help them sneaking into the Eastern Conference playoffs, but any trade that involved Sanders would be a ll about draft picks.

Sanders is a great trade chip for the Bucks and could help a contender, but the only question is who would surrender the picks to acquire him in a trade?

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  • jerome serdynski

    Who is your source for this trade. I don’t see it, why would they trade him

  • Scott

    This might be the dumbest article I’ve read. First of all, the Bucks are almost a lock to have the worst record, so they will almost certainly be able to draft Smart if they’d like. Second, they wouldn’t mind taking on vets who could help get them into the playoffs? They’re 7-34. They’re not going to the playoffs. Third, no team that could potentially have a 1st rounder high enough to get Smart, ie, a top 6 pick would be thinking playoffs. Also, Sanders has looked bad this year, has 4 years and 44 million owed to him starting next year. He’s very talented, but short of a team like the Heat, who don’t have their 1st or another contender, teams aren’t going to want Sanders.

    Just sooooo poorly thought out.

    • Dig Deeper

      I think they are aiming to get an additional first rounder with Larry to take smart around the 7th pick or so.

      Though whether there is any truth to any of this seems unlikely.

      • Scott

        Yeah, I obviously thought about that angle, but then he starts talking about adding veterans to make the playoffs(so we wouldn’t have a lottery pick) and he is ssying we’d be selling high on Sanders. At what point has his value ever been lower than right now with the fight, terrible start, and 44 million dollar deal starting next year(which he also has wrong as his salary for trade purposes is only about 3.6 this year).

        And again I ask, what team among the bottom 15 wouod even think about giving up a 1st for Sanders, much lest at least a top 6 that wouod be needed to get him, and likely even higher? Just really awful article.

        • pointforward

          Really awful. They have no intention of moving Sanders.
          The players most likely to be moved are Ersan, Mayo, and Neal. They could get Parker in the top 3. Trading those 3 guys to contenders who have picks in the 15-25 range could yield 3 picks. Those could be packaged in some way to move up to take Smart (though I think a low post scorer like Parker is what they need more).

          If they take on any players at all through any trades, it will be veterans with expiring contracts so that they can open up roster spots for more young talent.

    • Kevin

      Its nothing new for our poor Bucks

  • Kevin

    There are about 5 to 10 other players coming out that are better than Smart, I would stop being a Buck Fan if they let Parker, Gordon or Wiggins get away.I mean the way Brandon Knight has look he can be our PG for the Future.So why draft Smart?

    • Jabba

      They obviously wouldn’t draft smart first overall. They’re trying to get another 1st round pick.

    • Jake Andrews

      parker is going to stay, wiggins is overrated. Gordon or smart are our best choices because we need offense bad. Drafting smart would also allow knight to play as more of a scoring guard.