Did Beyonce have a wardrobe malfunction at Grammys?

At the beginning of the 2014 Grammy Awards, Beyonce and Jay Z lit up the stage with a performance that had everyone talking. Beyonce looked incredible and was entertaining the crowd with some dirty dancing — or twerking, if you will — and social media began to blow up.

Why was everyone talking?


And this:

Of course, when you are wearing a skin tight leather outfit and shaking around like Beyonce was, there is always a chance that a little wardrobe malfunction could happen. Just ask Janet Jackson.

A few photos of the performance have begun circulating on Twitter that claim to show Beyonce’s breast being exposed. If you ask me, it was simply nipple pasties that were exposed, but hey, we don’t want to discourage people from using their imagination and living out their fantasy.

Since it is hard to tell whether or not Beyonce was showing even more skin than she already was or if it was simply some of her costume working its way to award places, we will let you check out the photo and judge for yourselves.

You can view a photo of the moment in question by clicking here, and be sure to tell us whether or not you think one of the girls came out to play.

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