MLB 14 The Show: New Features

mlb14theshow_ps4_GreenMonsterAfter keeping fans in the dark for months, Sony finally released full details for it’s upcoming release of MLB 14: The Show on PS3, PS4 and PS Vita. The game will feature dozens of new features and improvements to what is already the best, and only, baseball game on the market.

New features for the game include:

•The Evolution of Road to The Show continues (All platforms) – First among the major improvements is a completely revamped advancement system, complete with improved logic and the removal of advancement goals. Also being introduced is a new beginning to a player’s RTTS career with the Topps Amateur Showcase, a series of games against other draft prospects. Additionally, the training system, logic, screens and modes have all been revamped to provide users with a more engaging experience.

•Year-to-Year Saves (All platforms) – For the first time in franchise history, saves can be carried over from MLB 14 to future releases of The Show, meaning that gamers won’t have to worry about starting their Franchise or Road to the Show seasons over in years to come.

•Player Lock (All platforms)– The new Player Lock feature (a.k.a RTTS anywhere) gives users the ability to lock-on to any single player and enter games using the Road to the Show gameplay mechanic, allowing for faster games and more focused on-field action.

•Quick Counts (All platforms) – Users will now be able to play a full nine-inning game in less than 30 minutes, half the time it takes in previous iterations of The Show. Despite the shortened game durations, realistic stats will not be compromised.

•Community Challenges (PS3 & PS4) – Players will be able to freely toy and tinker with game situations and scenarios on the fly, whether that’s the inning, score, who’s on base, or where the ball is hit. These custom situations can be bundled with a creative set of goals and put forth as a challenge to the community, whether it’s to relive the past, change history, or dream of new possibilities.

For a full, constantly updated, list of the game’s new features, additions and improvements, visit our sister site Gamesided.comMLB 14: The Show releases on April 1 for PS3 and PS Vita. The PS4 version will be available in May.

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