Dec 29, 2013; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Minnesota Vikings defensive end Jared Allen (69) celebrates a sack during the first quarter against the Detroit Lions at Mall of America Field at H.H.H. Metrodome. Mandatory Credit: Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Rumors: Jared Allen wants to sign with Green Bay Packers

The era of Jared Allen in Minnesota is over, but his reign of terror over NFC North quarterbacks may not be. While he may not be terrorizing anyone in the purple and gold anymore, Allen apparently has eyes set on wearing at least one of those colors in the future as he has the Green Bay Packers on his short list of teams he’d like to sign with in 2014.

According to Bill Huber from Packer Report, Green Bay is on Allen’s short list and that’s going to just tickle cheesehead fans who were sick of Allen being the one thing they had to be afraid of the Vikings for.

Could the flow of the Green Bay-to-Minnesota pipeline head the other direction?

A league source told Packer Report on Monday that former Minnesota Vikings star Jared Allen has listed the Green Bay Packers as one of his preferred destinations.

The pipeline that Huber refers to has typical run from Green Bay to Minnesota and the flow hasn’t ever really reversed. From Darren Sharper, Ryan Longwell, Greg Jennings and most notably Brett Favre, the Vikings have made a habit of scooping up veteran Packers players and it seems Green Bay is reversing the schtick on them in the most epic of ways.

If Allen lands in Green Bay, it would provide one of the most unreal story lines in football in 2014 as the Packers would have stolen away the Vikings second most prized player to use against them.


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  • Chris James

    Allen has proven he’s lost a step against the run the last few years. AP would run all over him and make him look like a fool for wanting to play against him.

    • Fred_Bayer

      Chris, Minnesota has a one dimensional offense, this will be their downfall like it has been for quite awhile now. Also, no one is interested in Allen for his run-stopping ability … it’s all about pressuring the QB. C’mon man.

  • Jason Stewart

    Allen could really help our weak pass rush. He’s a weirdo but his skills would overlook that I guess. I’m for it if the price is rite?

    • Amber

      He has personality! I’d love it if he went to Green Bay!

    • Drew

      I agree, we need a defensive leader and Jared Allen is IMO, just the guy. Him and Clay Matthews together would be a quarterbacks nightmare

  • Eric Sutherland

    Doesn’t fit 3/4 defense he can’t drop in coverage and he
    sucks against the run no use for him in green bay.

    • Mike

      I’d bring him in in nickel coverage

    • Casey Jones

      How does an end rusher like Allen get 50+ total tackles (which is more than a lot of them get) and suck against the run? If he can’t drop in coverage and he sucks against the run, then where are all those tackles coming from?

  • August Gutting

    It’s the last contract of his career, he’s going to want 5 years for 8-10 million/year (at least) while his impact the last two years has greatly declined. No. Just no. Besides that, Vikings fans do this little dance every time they pick up one of our has-beens, I really don’t want any of their trash coming our way.

    • Jim

      No, they would never give him 5 years.That’s crazy. I’d take him for attitude alone

  • Jason Haggard

    The Packers aren’t stealing anything, everybody knew during the season that Allen wouldn’t be back in Minnesota. So if anyone really thinks that this is some major coup then you really are brainless. Put Allen in a 3-4 defense there in Green Bay, go ahead,.

  • Jeff

    We don’t want you!

  • Chuck Mcknight

    He will end up with the broncos

  • ElSponge

    He and Aaron Rodgers are good friends, I wouldn’t be surprised. Being said, I would welcome him to the squad because honestly I wouldn’t want to give 100% to a team that wasn’t even giving 5%. Losing, like Winning is infectious. Jared Allen will be a All-Pro on a Packers squad because he has something to prove.

  • toddbook

    He is 31 and as others have mentioned he’s lost a step. For the right (low) price it might be worth checking out. I am not opposed to it. Doubt if it would happen though, there are some rumors of him going to Denver.

    • Joseph P. Frechette

      Does no one remember how old Reggie White was when he signed with the Pack?

      • toddbook

        31 or 32. I get your point but Reggie was more dominant.

        • Guest


  • billy

    hey don’t worry about all this stuff, we are going with the same group of guys we had last year, Ted aint picking up anyone of note, maybe some scrub the second week in that will be about it…”draft and develop” the whole NFL sings its praises but the top teams also mix in some F/A’s ala Denver, San Fran, Seahawks…

    • Mike King

      Seattle 2011 7-9, 2010 7-9, 2009 5-11 and 2008 4-12. SF starting in 2010 going backwards, 6-10, 8-8, 7-9, 5-11, 7-9, 4-12, 2-14, 7-9…. Denver 2010 going backwards 8-8, 4-12, 8-8, 8-8, 7-9, 9-7. In March 2012 (all of 2 years ago) you would not have said these three teams were top teams in the NFL because they were ending a long draught of poor football.

      Oh by the way Wilson is only an 800K hit on the salary cap next year what is Seattle going to do when they have to up him 20 million a year after that? CK in SF is 1.6 million cap hit in 2014 and is a free agent after that so that will be going up to around 15 million. It is easy to spend money in free agency when the most expensive position on the team is extremely cheap, but sooner rather than later they will have to pay as well.

    • Bob Thomas

      somehow,Ted doesn’t get it.We are not asking for a ton of FA just an “impact player” that could turn this defense along.For heavens sake, isn’t he only one in GB that understands that or does MM just go along with him?

  • Matt Bauman

    One of the drawbacks of Thompson’s draft and develop philosophy is a void of veteran leadership. Signing Jared Allen would fill this need, helping players like Datone Jones reach their potential by giving them a role model to show them how a dedicated professional football player does his job. I see the same need at TE, where a veteran could show some of the young talent how to execute your role as a blocker when called upon instead of just catching passes.

    • Bob Thomas

      you read my mind, shame on you

      • Matt Bauman

        Free agency also works well when you lose a player the way they lost Nick Collins. They drafted and developed him over the years into a Pro Bowl talent, he was in the prime of his career, so they didn’t really draft for need at his position. When he suffered the career ending injury, they were left with a gaping hole in the secondary. One that should have been filled via free agency with a player of similar skill level. Instead.. well, you saw the result.

  • Greg Mauer

    If the price is right I would sign him. As for not fitting the 3-4 defense? I think McCarthy said the defense was going to change to fit the personal they have. That being said don’t be surprised to see a different scheme this year. The 3-4 isn’t getting any pressure on the QB and that is a major reason their secondary gets burned!

    • Bob Thomas

      Yell that a little louder,please!

  • Alan Grice

    Be realistic people! Ted Thompson makes all the calls! Ain’t nothing gonna happen except for in the draft. The season will start and we’ll have millions of dollars just sitting around…

    • Bob Thomas

      amen to that! Ted and Dom needs to find greener pastures, just not in GB

    • joeb

      So…how bout that Peppers signing?

      • Alan Grice

        I will admit, I have been proven wrong. However, TT signs Jared Allen and then I might as well sit down and shut up the rest of the off season…

  • Bill Roebke

    He is past his prime and declining fast. There are better players out there if Ted wants to dip into free agency which I will be surprised if he does.

  • Josh Finn

    Get Revis or Ware if we must spend for a free agent!

    • Bob Thomas

      they’re long gone..doesn’t figure?

  • Blake Kolzow

    with cap i dont know if they have the money with out letting afew players go.

    • Bob Thomas

      you mean a lot of the defense players? Yes How will anything change with the team if no new player comes in a makes a difference for the younger guys?

  • Jerry Auby

    Yes, Yes, Yes what does it take, a phone call from the Heavens from Reggie ?

  • Dough

    With peppers and clay Matthews having Jared would make for a sick pass rush