James Hellwig, otherwise known as the Ultimate Warrior appears on "WWE Monday Night Raw" for what would be the last time on Monday, April 7, 2014. Photo Credit: WWE

Current and Former WWE Superstars Take to Twitter Against Nancy Grace

Earlier today, we told you about an interview from late last night that HLN Talk Show Host Nancy Grace conducted with former WWE Superstars Diamond Dallas Page regarding the untimely death of former professional wrestler James Hellwig, known to fans around the world as the Ultimate Warrior. This has caused outrage not just amongst the fans in the WWE Universe, but the WWE Superstars as well.

There are so many things wrong with this interview that it is downright disturbing. One of the hot button issues that seem to take center stage is that while she is going on about rampant steroid use in the world of professional wrestling, she is rolling a list of wrestlers who have died young. One of the names that scrolls past on that list is wrestling legend Owen Hart.

Now, if you have been watching wrestling for any amount of time, there is a good chance that you know who Owen Hart is, and also how he tragically passed away. Owen died as a result of a freak accident that occurred while he was performing a dangerous stunt at a then-WWF pay-per-view. His death had absolutely nothing to do with the topic she had chosen to discuss.

As we showed you in the previous article, WWE legend Mick Foley simply asked for an apology.

Unfortunately for Grace, this is about as polite as it gets.

The other issue that people in the wrestling community is the fact that rather than honoring the memory of a man and wrestling personality who meant so much to so many people, including his surviving wife and children, she decided to use the opportunity as a platform to beat the drum of steroid use in professional wrestling.

Soon after the interview, Diamond Dallas Page himself took to Twitter to set the record straight on what went down in the interview. As it would turn out, Page wasn’t aware that she was planning to make the whole interview about the steroid issue. He believed that he was there to discuss his friend.

 Now, there are other current and former WWE Superstars and Divas that are taking up arms against the HLN talk show host.

Retired wrestling manager, commentator, and promoter Jim Cornette praises the people who have taken a stance against Nancy Grace and encourages them to keep up the fight.

WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes has also taken to Twitter to express why he thinks Grace has taken her position on the matter.

 Even WWE Superstar Zeb Coulter, leader of the faction known as The Real Americans, cracks a joke at her expense.

You think that’s mean? Try taking a look at what former WWE Superstar The Iron Sheik had to say on the matter. Unfortunately, we have been forced to block out some of the more explicit words contained within, but I am pretty sure you get the point.

Iron Shiek Nancy Grace Tweet

As Mike Dyce said in his article this morning, it is a little premature to state that steroid use had an effect on the untimely passing of the Ultimate Warrior. The medical examiner hasn’t even had a chance to run all of the proper tests to determine cause of death as of yet. The only thing that has been released regarding the official cause of Warrior’s passing is a “catastrophic medical event.” This literally could mean anything.

While it may eventually come to light that some sort of alleged steroid use may come into question after the official cause of death is determined, jumping to conclusions like this does nothing but hurt the people who loved and cared about Warrior himself.

I am sure that this is only the beginning of the #CancelNancyGrace movement. As I said before, just as the WWE Superstars have taken to Twitter to voice their opinions, so has the WWE Universe. I assure you that this is far from over.

Having said that, I am going to get back to what the original interview should have been about in the first place. Rest in Peace, Warrior. You legacy will live on forever in the hearts of the millions of lives you have touched over the years.

What did you think of the now infamous Nancy Grace interview? Do you feel she was out of line? Let us know what you think on the matter in the comments below.

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