Pushmo World review

The Nintendo strategy of offering a handful of pickup and play style games available for download on the revered Nintendo eShop has been well received.  Both the Wii as well as the Wii U profile as strong family consoles that play well into the ability to download games that feature a strong sense of repeatability as well as ease of use.  Pushmo World would like to take center stage as the next great title on the Nintendo eShop.

As the third game in the new Nintendo franchise (following 3DS titles Pushmo and Crashmo), Pushmo World does not require any sort of previous experience and is very easy to jump right in.  The main character, Mallo, is used to dissect puzzles (or Pushmo as they are called) by pushing or pulling pieces into place.

The game features puzzles ranging from very easy all the way to some very difficult and challenging Pushmo.  Although I have only spent about 10 hours with the game, Pushmo World contains over 250 puzzles for gamers to try to conquer.  There are a total of 50 tutorial levels, designed to make new gamers to the Pushmo series acquainted to the game.


You must initially start with some of the normal levels (Pushmo Park) in order to unlock the Tutorial Pushmo stages.  While it is not necessary to complete the entire 50 Tutorial Pushmo levels, doing so unlocks a new section of the Pushmo World, called Mysterious Pushmo.

Mysterious Pushmo serves as a set of levels designed with Pushmo masters in mind.  While not all Pushmo puzzles in Mysterious Pushmo are ridiculously difficult, the set of puzzles as a whole are designed to be more difficult.  In Mysterious Pushmo, a whole new set of puzzle pieces are introduced as well.  The new pieces (Linked, Ying Yang, and Timed blocks) all have unique features making the overall Pushmo more difficult to complete.

Nintendo makes sure to utilize each players creativity in Pushmo World as well.  As has been a staple on the 3DS games, Pushmo World brings back the Pushmo Studio.  In Pushmo Studio, players are welcomed to create their own Pushmo challenges and are able to share them through the MiiVerse or QR Code.


While some level creators can be overwhelming or difficult to grasp, the Pushmo Studio does a very good job of remaining simplistic but allowing for difficult level creation.

World Pushmo Fair is essentially the storage system for all of the levels created by Pushmo gamers.  With over 250 puzzles available through the game itself, that number can only be expected to exponential grow as gamers let their Pushmo creativity run wild.

Pushmo World is a game that plays into the strengths of the Wii U.  The graphics are very appealing and the game blends color, fun, and a level of cute factor perfectly.  As far as puzzle games go, Pushmo World may be on of the best in the genre.  Nintendo made sure to take what worked from the 3DS versions of the series and implement it flawlessly on the Wii U.

No matter what age, Pushmo World has something for everyone, and this game is a hit.



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