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Kyrie Irving takes batting practice, throws out first pitch (Video)

Maybe the Cleveland Indians are part of the grand plan to persuade Cavaliers’ point guard to stay in town and sign a max extension? Then again, one imagines that the actual dollars of staying with his current team will persuade him more than a warm reception at a June regular season baseball game.

On Monday night Irving took a break from an off-season filled with rumors and decisions to hang out with the Indians before their game against the Los Angeles Angels. It is unknown if he discussed any of his future plans with members of the Indians. It is also unknown if he asked any of the Indians’ players what the playoffs feel like.

The Cavaliers once again hold the number one overall pick in the NBA Draft. They are also rumored to have an interest in extending a max contract extension Irving’s way. More time will likely pass before any of that actually takes shape, so in the meantime Kyrie tried his hand at another sport.

The good news? Irving’s first pitch, while certainly not a strike, was not embarrassing. That had to at least be in his mind as he threw it.

Scouting report: Irving throws lots of off-speed, mostly junk, and likes to nibble on the corners. Will keep hitters off-balance, hopes that they will get themselves out.

Check out video of Irving’s batting practice and first pitch below:

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