Xbox One Achievements and features headed to

Microsoft released the Xbox One last fall, and while the experience is supposed to transition over to and the SmartGlass app, the Xbox One has been left out in the cold, until now.  Thanks to Major Nelson, an official Xbox blogger, we now know that some new features will be coming to

In a video released by Xbox (seen below) we see that not only are Xbox One achievements coming to Xbox Live, but the friends list features as well as gameplay videos will be accessible online on for the first time.

Nelson also mentioned that the activity feed, now viewed only on Xbox One consoles, are also slated to make their debut on in the near future. has been void of many of the features that the Xbox One brings gamers, making it so that anyone who has upgraded their gaming experience, was forced to view void of their gaming conquests.  Microsoft has done the right thing in including the new integration, the only real question is why it took so long.

Friends lists have long been accessible on, even for Xbox One gamers, but profiles remained dated back to their Xbox 360 versions and achievements never showed up.

It seems while the Xbox One was also supposed to be a unique media experience, Microsoft left some of its greatest features out in the cold.  As I mentioned a while back, I truly believe that Microsoft shot itself in the foot with how they handled achievements on the Xbox One.  An incentive to buy an Xbox 360 game, has no become a forgotten aspect of the Xbox One experience.

Regardless of the misstep, Microsoft is bringing more functionality for Xbox One gamers to their website.

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