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Fernando Rodney does bow-and-arrow pose during All-Star Game introductions

It seems worth noting that Seattle Mariners’ closer Fernando Rodney was not originally slated to be a member of the American League All-Star team. While he is enjoying a solid season, it took an injury to Tampa Bay Rays’ ace David Price for Rodney to be added as a reliever.

The context in which he was added be darned, Rodney was ready to enjoy his moment in the spotlight when the rosters for both sides were announced on Tuesday night.

While most players opt for either a polite wave or a tip of the cap to acknowledge the fans, Rodney had his usual bow-and-arrow celebration ready to go when he heard his name announced.



Granted, Rodney might not be an ideal candidate to tip his cap because he has it crooked at just the right angle for his own comfort level. Don’t mess with success, right?

Rodney might have also known that this would be his best chance to bust out his celebration on the big stage. He is unlikely to have a chance for a save, though I suppose one never knows how the game will shake out. But pending such a save opportunity, Rodney cannot much expect to bust out the bow-and-arrow if he works a clean 7th inning or gets a right-on-right match-up.

This was his chance, and boy did he grab it.

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