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Jim Harbaugh continues to run a tight ship at training camp

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This is the time of year, especially in the time of social media, when we have the distinct pleasure as NFL fans of hearing the ins and outs of training camp. There are players overachieving, players who are underachieving, players who are out of shape, coaches who have high hopes, and perhaps most importantly of all, fights.

Fights, scuffles, and shoving matches. In the long run they rarely matter, but I suppose coaches never want to see them become a larger issue.

San Francisco 49ers’ head coach Jim Harbaugh isn’t having any of that in his training camp, however. Whether these fights matter or not, Harbaugh isn’t having it. He booted Anquan Boldin from the practice field the other day for initiating a scuffle, and then this weekend he sent Chris Culliver off for a similar reason.

According to CSN Bay Area:

After a day off on Saturday, things got a little too rough for Harbaugh’s taste when cornerback Chris Culliver leveled receiver David Reed at the sideline after a short pass completion.

Harbaugh stopped practice and warned against any cheapshots and reminded everyone to keep their teammates from hitting the ground.

He ordered Culliver to the sideline to watch the remainder of practice.

While no coach is probably excited to have fights in training camp, it seems like it generally will just be part of the bumps in the road during training camp. Whether they have any lasting impact on team chemistry or not, they are not something Harbaugh is interested in seeing. Given his track record of success so far in the NFL, it’s hard to question his judgment.

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