Madden 15: Detailing Game Prep and Confidence

At long last, EA Sports has finally released details regarding improvements to the main game mode in Madden 15, Connected Franchise Mode.

The two major changes to the mode this year are known as Game Prep and Confidence. The two new features replace practice and hot/cold streaks that were a part of Connected Franchise back in Madden 25.

First, Game Prep allows players to, well, prep their team for the upcoming week’s game as well as earn XP to help improve players on the bench that they want to build up.

Each week, players will be given a set amount of time to prepare for the upcoming game. The alloted time given to prepare will change based on whether or not your team is on a bye week or is playing on a Monday or Thursday night. It’s a way the Connected Franchise in Madden 15 can replicate the way gameday prep happens in real life.


The players will have a variety of preparation activities to choose from during the week, with each activity costing a certain amount of time. As far as the types of activities go, players can either use them to earn XP to build up attributes or use them to build up confidence, which will be detailed later on.

A rebuilding team may want to use the weekly game prep to earn XP for the young players on the team while a contending team may just need to the prep to continue building up the belief among the players that they can win it all.

CPU teams in Connected Franchise will have the correct logic in place to make sure they are using the Game Prep for the right purposes.

When it comes to how much XP or confidence a player earns, well, it depends on things such as a players development trait as well as the coach’s various traits. The better the traits, the more XP a player will earn during the weekly prep.

Should players not want to manually participate in Game Prep, the game will use the same logic that the CPU uses to develop players.

When it comes to the confidence of the players, ever player has a rating between 1 and 99. The confidence rating is dynamic, and changes based on a player’s performance each and every week. Throw four touchdowns and no interceptions, the confidence will rise; throw 3 interceptions and just 72 yards, the confidence dips.

madden-15-cfm-5It all depends on how a player performs. Heck, even trades can impact a players confidence. If you bring in another running back via trade, then your current starter could feel like he’s not believed in.

Confidence impacts a player by temporarily adjusting a player’s key attributes either positively or negatively. A high confidence level means the attributes will rise. If it’s low, those same skills fall.

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