The Golf Club inks exclusive deal with ProTee United to appear in golf simulators

The Golf Club looks impressive enough as a regular console and PC game, but how about playing it with your own clubs and golf balls?

That will actually be possible thanks to a deal the game’s developer, HB Studios, signed with golf simulator specialist ProTee United. Under the global agreement, a version of The Golf Club will be designed to work in ProTee’s simulators, putting golf enthusiasts in the game in the most concrete way possible.

“It’s great to have the game reaching out to a wider audience and allowing people to play the game just like the real thing, with the leading simulator company in the world, we’re confident that it’ll take golf to a whole new level,” HB Studios CEO Jeremy Wellard said in a statement.

Along with seeing the game’s graphics on a huge screen, players using a simulator will be able to use The Golf Club‘s online features to create their own courses, share them with friends and play in online tournaments.

“We are so excited about the greatness of the game and the SDK which will allow golf simulator users worldwide to immerse themselves further than ever before into one of the most technically advanced golf games ever created,” Dennis van Drie of ProTee United said in a press release. “Not only will we enable ProTee users to play TGC on ProTee simulators, we will also release an SDK for other golf simulator manufacturers to play TGC with real clubs and balls in online play and tournaments.”

There’s no word yet on when the game might be available for simulator play. The Golf Club is due out on PS4, Xbox One and PC later this month.


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