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Martin Lawrence and Will Smith as Detectives Marcus Burnett and Mike Lowrey in "Bad Boys 2." Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures

Martin Lawrence discusses Bad Boys 3 with Conan O’Brien (Video)

It is fairly safe to say that the internet broke for a moment last night when actor/comedian Martin Lawrence appeared on Conan. There have been rumors for quite some time about the emergence of Bad Boys 3, but there had never been any sort of official confirmation.

That all changed last night when Lawrence announced that this is very much real and that a script is currently being developed for the film.

Unfortunately, the project is still in the very early stages right now, so there is not a whole lot of information available regarding what is sure to be an action-packed third installment in the Bad Boys franchise.

The one thing we do know at this point is that Martin Lawrence is on board.

Take a look for yourselves. Here is a clip from last night’s episode of Conan where Martin Lawrence discusses Bad Boys 3 with host Conan O’Brien and Andy Richter.


There are rumors floating around the Michael Bay will be directing the third installment. This would not be completely out of the realm of possibility considering that Bay was behind the camera for both previous installments of the franchise.

As Lawrence said, the script is currently being developed for the film. It is being penned by screenwriters Peter Craig and David Guggenheim. Craig has been pretty busy lately as he developed the screenplay for the two-part final chapter of The Hunger Games saga The Hunger Games: Mockingjay. Guggenheim is no stranger to action either as he’s worked on films like Safe House and Uncharted.

As we told you yesterday, there is no confirmation on whether or not Will Smith will be involved in the new project, but word on this cannot be too far behind. Lawrence did mention Smith in his interview with Conan, so he must be involved in some capacity, whether it is in front of or behind the camera.

During the interview, Conan made a comment about wanting a role in the film, to which Martin had a quick response. “You know what you could play?” Lawrence joked. “A crooked cop on crack.”

I wouldn’t count Conan out just yet, though. He did just recently have a cameo in the SyFy Original Film Sharktopus vs. Pteracuda. I am sure that they could find a role for Conan somewhere in Bad Boys 3, even if it is just a walk-by.

What are your thoughts on the recently announced Bad Boys 3? What kind of trouble would you like to see Marcus and Mike get into now? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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