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Madden 15 perfects the details

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I now have a couple of days with Madden 15 and have played through most, if not all, of the game modes.  While the review talks about the game as a whole, I wanted to delve a little further into what exactly separates Madden 15 from the rest of the series as a whole.  As the first game developed for the current generation of consoles, it truly shines in every aspect.

Not every year does Madden make a significant leap forward, and often times, that is considered the greatest downfall for the series.  For gamers, having to fork over $60 for little more than a roster update is not a fun practice.  This year however, is different.

As many visual and noticeable upgrades that there have been made in Madden 15, the polish is far more evident under the hood.  Madden 15 is about the details, and like football in the NFL, that’s why it shines.  EA Sports took advantage of the capabilities offered by both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and put them to the test.

For the first time in a Madden video game, the AI feels eerily similar to playing one of your best Madden friends.  Defensive backs jump routes, full backs catch the lead tackler, and wide receivers adjust to routes with amazing complexity.  The AI in Madden 15 is truly impressive.

In years past, All-Madden felt little more than a difficulty designed to keep the score as close to realistic as possible.  In Madden 15, going into the toughest game mode under prepared will have you looking like you just too a hit from JJ Watt while looking the wrong way.

Although the graphical advances are evident early and often in Madden 15, the true beauty of the game is in how it plays, and that in fact, it does play like it is out to be of some competition.  On Tuesday, when the game drops in retail stores across America, don’t worry about forking over your $60 for Madden 15, you are finally getting a steal.

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