Breaking Bad series finale recap: Who died on final episode?


After five years, it is all over. The series of Breaking Bad took place tonight and it all wrapped up perfectly with the epic conclusion that we all hoped to have. We all expected there to be bloodshed and Vince Gilligan and company delivered as the final scene was one for the edges.

So for the question that you are all asking: Who died in the final episode?

Walt’s family was safe, but the same can’t be said for everyone else.

The first death of the final episode came when Walt finally dropped the ricin in Lydia’s drink. We had all suspected that was the case with the beautiful camera shot and it was confirmed in the final moments of the show.

However, the real show down came at the end following an emotional goodbye from Walt to his family.

Walt headed to meet with Todd and his uncle where it looked like he was walking in to a trap, but he was one step ahead of the game and got everything to play out like he had wanted. After getting Jesse to come face to face, Walt tackled him to the ground as he triggered a machine gun to pop out of the trunk of his car and pierce through the walls of the Nazi hideout as all of Uncle Jack’s men were shot dead.

Todd was still alive after the bullets were done raining down, but Jesse got his final revenge as he choked creepy Todd and snapped his neck before setting himself free. Walt was also able to avenge Hank’s death as he was the man who put the final bullet through Jack’s head before facing off with Jesse one final time.

Would they both die?

Walt put his gun on the ground and slid it over to Jesse ,where he gave his former partner the chance to take his life. Jesse decided to let Walt die on his own as he fled the scene, while Walt was wounded from a bullet in the crossfire.

After Walt made his way to the meth lab that he had helped Jesse design, he admired his work one last time before falling to his injuries and laying dead in the middle of the floor.

The final shot faded away as we saw Walt laying dead as police entered the lab as Badfinger’s “Baby Blue” played in the background for a beautiful ending to the show. It was picture perfect.

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