Five shows that could replace ‘The Colbert Report’


Credit: Comedy Central


Okay, now that we have your attention thanks to the magic of SEO, it’s time we talk about Comedy Central’s options for filling the 11:30 time slot when Colbert moves to CBS and the Late Show desk in 2015. 

We have it on good, trustworthy, anonymous authority that these five programs are all in the running for taking over The Colbert Report‘s spot in the Comedy Central nightly lineup. While other shows will certainly be considered between now and when Colbert leaves for CBS, we feel confident in saying one of these five shows will be selected as The Colbert Report‘s replacement.

1) Is This Satire?

Does context matter? Who is allowed to create satire, and what happens when satire goes awry? Such important questions will be debated nightly on Is This Satire?, a panel-based discussion show where all the contributors are overeducated and underemployed “humor activists,” each with an axe to grind due to feelings of exclusion from popular culture. If you routinely find a majority of Twitter hashtags to be problematic, and if “problematic” is a word you use at least 20 times per day, Is This Satire? will be right up your alley.

2) The Corbett Report

The similar title should intrigue The Colbert Report‘s fans, while The Corbett Report‘s explanations of, amongst other things, the machinations undertaken the U.S. government to discredit conspiracy theorists by way of creating and propagating even more elaborate (and disreputable) conspiracy theories should cause The Colbert Report‘s stoned viewers to put down their bongs and be all, like, “Whoa…”

3) The Culvert Report

News from the gutter.

4) Just a live stream of Colbert on the Late Show, with the Comedy Central studio audience tweeting their responses to Colbert’s Late Show performance. And those responses are superimposed over said live stream for the sake of the viewers at home in order to create a show based entirely on an audience commenting on a different show in real time, which of course you at home will be encouraged to respond to by using the “Late Show live stream response” hashtag, thus allowing you, the at-home viewer, the opportunity to provide your real-time commentary on the commentary being provided by the Comedy Central studio audience about Stephen Colbert’s new gig on CBS.

Come on, you know this is the future of television.

5) Nothing but GIFs

All the best GIFs of the day, put on loop in front of your eyes for 30 minutes, because you are a Millennial and GIFs are the only pieces of art through which you can understand the complex problems of the world.