Sony bringing Uncharted to E3, Microsoft to have exclusive?


Now that E3 is officially under 20 days away, expect the rumors to continue to flood in fast and furious.

There is nothing more exciting than the big players bringing their best to the yearly gaming conference.  We discussed some really strong E3 leaks the past few weeks, but it looks like Microsoft and Sony are pulling out all the punches.

Microsoft landed exclusives on the Xbox One in the form of Dead Rising 3, Ryse, and Sunset Overdrive.  It sounds like Microsoft will have another game to add to the list.  Thanks to twitter user thuway, a well documented industry insider, we have this juicy piece of information:

While exclusives drive consumers towards one console over another, they also fuel competition.  Although having games exclusive to certain consoles isn’t great for gamers wanting to experience everything, they drive the industry further.  What Microsoft has up its sleeve is yet to be determined, but the hype around Sunset Overdrive is real, and we can expect something big.

PlayStation is looking to up the ante equally high.  The Uncharted series has been one of the most successful franchises in recent gaming history, and the company is hoping that carries onto the PlayStation 4.  On twitter thuway announced that the new Uncharted looks “stupidly good,” only further enticing fans clamoring for more.  With the teaser being shown last year, we can all but expect some sort of gameplay trailer to make a debut this year.

In closing, thuway mentioned the expectation of two bombshells by Microsoft and one by Sony.  With both companies having so much riding on this years E3 conference, the winners of the situation are gamers a whole.  With the event right around the corner, we can only hope that the lead up and wait ends up being everything we expected.