Forza 5 giving away free cars


Although Forza 5 was a launch title on the Xbox One, the game is still going strong thanks to being backed by such a supportive community.  Turn 10 announced today that they would like to reward their loyal fans.  Gamers that have the Car Pass will receive two more monthly car packs for free.

With this announcement Car Pass owners will now received the June (out next Friday) and July car packs for free.  The total stable of downloadable content in the form of vehicles now sits at a staggering 90 for the simulation racer.  With both of these car packs being free, Car Pass owners are being treated to an additional 20 cars between the two months.

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Forza is releasing the June car pack earlier than planned, slating it to be available on May 30, rather than June 2 as originally expected.

Turn 10 has seen incredible success with the Forza racing series, not only on Xbox One but also in past iterations of the series as well.  A game that is so closely tied to the simulation and reality aspect of racing, also allows users to show off creativity in a multitude of different ways.  Thanks to the livery creator that was made so popular on Forza 4 on the Xbox 360, gamers are able to showcase their favorite teams, characters, or anything else they would like to display (yes even at times, unfortunately anything else).

Forza 5 has been a very strong launch title for the Xbox One, and while it was touted as being the game to showcase exactly what the Xbox One was capable of graphically, it has lived up to the expectation.  Aside from hoping in a half of a million dollar ride and burning down the street, Forza puts gamers in the next closest opportunity.  The added bonus for longtime fans is a nice nod from Turn 10.